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Signs That Indicate You Need Dental Care

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Dental disorders can turn into a serious problem where you would lose your permanent teeth.
When was the last time you had visited your dentist? Probably you don’t remember at all because it has been several years. Isn’t it? Well, you aren’t alone. About half the Aussies tend to avoid dental problems for various reasons, including dental fear and the cost of dental treatment. But, with any health condition, untreated disorders can lead to various complications, taking a toll on your health. The longer you wait, the more serious complications and expensive.

Dental disorders can turn into a serious problem where you would lose your permanent teeth. The best and recommended way to deal with a dental problem is to address the issue right away. If left untreated, dental problems can take a toll on your dental health. The earlier you visit the dental clinic Epping, the lower the chances of severe dental problems. So, when to visit the dentist Epping? Take a look at the signs that indicate you need dental care:-

Bleeding Gums

Never ignore bleeding gums as they are a tell-tale sign of gum disease. Keep in mind, gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss. If left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss. However, when addressed at the right time, gum disease can be reversed and the tooth can be saved. Gum disease is caused by film-like sticky bacteria called plaque. When it builds up over time, it can lead a gum infection if not removed regularly. Fortunately, bleeding gums can be treated easily and efficiently if you address them at the right time. If your gums are bleeding, rush to the emergency dentist Epping and get it treated.

Swollen Jaw

Swelling in your jaw or mouth is a tell-tale sign that indicates an underlying dental problem. Along with swelling, you might experience sensitivity to cold and hot water or foods, severe tooth pain, and a continuous bad taste in your mouth. All these are a sign of an infection known as a dental abscess. A dental abscess is a common dental problem that is caused when bacteria multiply and break down the surrounding tissues. If it is not treated, it can have some serious dental and medical consequences.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Of course, teeth are strong. But, they are not indestructible. Hence, a tooth can be broken or chipped due to an injury or trauma. If a tooth is damaged, it should be addressed immediately.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain occurs for several reasons, including dental decay, infection, impacted wisdom teeth, and severe gum infection. However, it is a sign that indicates you have a dental problem that requires immediate attention.

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