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Should I have my Wisdom teeth removed?

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These molars erupting during the teens can contribute to sinus problems, cavities, and cysts. Some lucky people don't experience the symptoms and discomfort of wisdom teeth.
Your dentist says to have your wisdom teeth extracted. They don't hurt, you say, so why extraction? Let’s break it here!

Because they are named wisdom teeth, they don't make anyone wiser. These molars erupting during the teens can contribute to sinus problems, cavities, and cysts. Some lucky people don't experience the symptoms and discomfort of wisdom teeth. Many times, however, these teeth don't have sufficient room to grow properly and cause problems. As a result, they grow at different angles in the jaw, sometimes even horizontally. Continue reading to know the answers to all your questions about wisdom teeth removal.

When dentist Epping recommend wisdom teeth removal?

For most patients, oral pain is a telltale sign that their third molars have erupted and might need extraction. However, this is not the only common symptom of a troublesome wisdom tooth that requires extraction. Others include recurring infection in the soft tissues, cysts, damage to adjacent teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay. Wisdom teeth extraction involves extracting the impacted tooth and restoring adjacent damaged teeth that might have been affected. The dentist will confirm the position of your wisdom teeth with an x-ray and recommend its removal based on the size of your jaw and the health of other teeth. Wisdom teeth extraction is ideal, especially in young adults, as jawbones become harder with age, making the teeth tougher to remove.

Why should you get wisdom teeth removal Epping?

Damage to adjacent teeth:

As your permanent teeth are already in, this extra set of molars can push them to shift position while erupting. This causes overcrowding of teeth and pain, making it difficult to floss and brush effectively, eventually leading to tooth decay and cavities. If treatment for wisdom teeth is delayed, you may also need to undergo additional procedures to straighten the adjacent teeth.

Damage to the jaw:

First comes pain or stiffness, then before you realise it will damage the jawbone impacting the mouths motion and function. Just like every other tooth, wisdom teeth also push through the gums. The problem is that this is not always the case, especially when there is not sufficient space left around. Some wisdom teeth grow impacted within the jaw, making other teeth shift positions. This can cause severe pain.

Sinus problems:

It is well known that the nose and mouth are intricately connected but did you know that impacted wisdom teeth can affect the sinus? Wisdom teeth extraction is also recommended when these molars cause sinus pressure, pain, and congestions. Oral health is overall health, and this is why it is essential to pay attention to any symptoms.

Still not ready to part with your third molars? You can ask your dentist at Epping dental centre to explain what they see with your teeth. In most cases, you can wait for several months to see if things change before making a decision. However, if you have pain or notice bad odour or swelling near your back teeth, it might be time to get them removed.

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