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Renault Kangoo EV – An Efficient and Versatile Electric Van You’ll Adore

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The Kangoo Z.E electric van is designed specifically for your professional needs.
The Kangoo Z.E electric van is designed specifically for your professional needs. The versatility and adaptability that Kangoo offers has helped businesses meet their demands with ease. The Renault Kangoo EV not just offers you the convenience you deserve, but also aligns with your commitment to the planet. Using this efficient EV and Renault charging station help reduce your carbon footprint effectively. Here’s more you need to know about the vehicle.

Superior Convenience:

The Kangoo EV has a payload of up to 650kg, within a usable volume of up to 4.6m3. Being a 100% electric utility vehicle, the Kangoo gives you a great range of 264km, or 120 to 200 km based on your delivery cycles and ambient temperature. You can fully recharge your EV with a Renault car charger in just about 6 hours. For increased convenience, the recharging flap is located on the nose of the vehicle. In just an hour of charge, drive your Kangoo up to 35 km.

Top Tech for a Better Range:

With regenerative braking, the battery recharges when you apply brake or take your foot off the accelerator. The energy range indicator instrument located in the dashboard will let you know if you are using or recovering energy at a given point in time.

Drive longer by activating Eco mode. With eco mode, optimise your energy consumption and lengthen the range of your battery even further before heading to a Renault charging station.

The EV includes a heat pump that acts as a reversible air conditioning system. It warms and cools your battery whenever necessary. The excess heat generated is directed to the passenger cabin to keep you comfortable.

Advanced Controls for Safe Driving:

Renault continues to integrate advanced solutions in their vehicles to ensure maximum safety and comfort for both the drivers and passengers. The Kangoo EV is no exception, as it comes equipped with the following safety features:

- Rear Parking Sensors: Parking your EV is a lot easier when you have sensors that alert you when getting close to something behind.

- Electronic Stability Control: No more worries when you are faced with extreme driving conditions. This safety feature helps to stabilise your vehicle in case of oversteering or understeering. Regain control of your vehicle in no time.

- Hill Start Assist: Protect yourself and other vehicles on the road by preventing your vehicle rolling backwards on a slope before accelerating forward. With this feature, your van will hold you for a couple of seconds, thus giving you time to pull off in gear.

- Grip Xtend: Navigate over loose surfaces with this advanced grip control that is enabled at the push of a button.

With innovative technology, superior safety, easy-to-use Renault electric car charger, and increased convenience in payload delivery, the Renault Kangoo is your ideal electric vehicle for commercial use. Get in touch with a dealer today.

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