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Reasons Why Your Site Traffic Dropped

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Website traffic drop and ranking changes can be stressful and overwhelming. Nothing is as frustrating as seeing your website pushed to the second page or ranking low. It’s the worst feeling.
Website traffic drop and ranking changes can be stressful and overwhelming. Nothing is as frustrating as seeing your website pushed to the second page or ranking low. It’s the worst feeling. Why has my site traffic dropped? We have been asked this question frequently by our clients. So, we wanted to help you. Your website traffic has been dropped, and that’s why you are here. Well, you are in the right page.

Unfortunately, we are not safe from a sudden drop in website traffic and rankings when it comes to Albuquerque seo . However, you need to know how to handle things, what the causes are, and how you could improve your rankings and traffic. We have outlined the possible reasons why your site rank has dropped so that you can make informed decisions.

Broken Redirects

Broken redirects are the webmaster’s nightmare. However, this is one of the major elements many tend to ignore when migrating to a server or making any structural changes to the web design Albuquerque. You are likely to see a drop in your rankings if you don’t have a proper 301 direct plan. If you are using a 301 redirect, ensure that XML sitemaps, canonical tags, and links are also updated simultaneously. A 301 redirect is a sign that indicates the change of address notice to the web. This tells the search engine crawlers that the website has been moved. If done correctly, you won’t lose your rankings nor will you be penalized by search engines for duplicated content as the crawlers will be indexing both your old and new website address.

Manual Search Actions

If you are noticing significant changes in the traffic and rankings abruptly, the chances are that Google is penalizing your site. Manual actions are applied manually than algorithmic updates. Whether the penalty is manual or automatic, you need to fix the problem as early as possible. Google search console account will give you valuable insights into why Google is punishing your site. Look for the warnings and fix them immediately.

Page Speed

Remember, page speed is not only a ranking factor but also influences the user experience as per Google’s latest algorithm update. More images, files, pop-ups in your content can make it load slowly. Test your page speed and look for ways to improve your page speed. Get the website designed by a web design company Albuquerque as they know to create an SEO-friendly website.

Wrong Keywords

Yes, sometimes, you’ll be targeting the wrong keywords without your knowledge. It is essential to consider the search intent of the keyword you are targeting for. There are many tools to find the right keywords for your service and product.

Lost Links

It is no wonder your profile link is an essential part of your SEO. Webmasters put a lot of efforts to build quality links to the new pieces of content and would have earned quality links. So, don’t stop monitoring your link profile. If the links are broken, you can fix them.

Keep tracking your positions regularly to avoid and react to any drops in the traffic and rankings quickly.

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