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Promising Market Prospect in Combination of E-commerce and Home Textile Industry

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With the constant enlargement of online shopping group, it also accelerates the quick development of e-business in home textile industry.
With the constant enlargement of online shopping group, it also accelerates the quick development of e-business in home textile industry. Recently, the consumption channel for home textile has transferred from offline terminal up to online e-business, especially with the appearance of online shopping mainstream people like fashionable female and white collar. With their continuous improvement of requirement for life quality and attention on home soft decoration, it further creates home textile commercial industry unlimited opportunity. At present, it's obvious to all that the promotion function home textile business does to e-commerce business and it is slowly changing people consumer habit at the same time. Based on its high demand for e-commerce technique and management capability, how to take good advantage of the e-business platform to help home textile industry get a breakthrough is what's important facing us.

Home textile is an emotional impulsive consumption industry. Because there are not many leading brands, it's quite promising to combine it with e-business and further develop itself. Firstly, realize commodity branding. As we know, e-commerce has a huge consumption market and offers humanized and qualified service, thus it can establish a solid market foundation for home textile products such as bedspread sets ,bedding ensembles. Secondly, develop a broad market space for home textile products. With various living and delicate website content and webpage setup, it offers customer possibly detailed product introduction and description. Besides, more favorable and considerate service like wholesale quilts and online discount are supported. It ensures customer of detailed service at the same time of saving them time in real shop experience, winning much credit and reputation from them. Thirdly, make a promising market prospect. E-commerce as the network business platform is featured for its superiority of low cost and high efficiency incomparable for traditional consumption mode. Combining with highly developing logistics, e-commerce is pushing modern commerce including home textile to a totally new management era.

From the industry management mode, many brands in home textile have established their own B to C e-business. Though some enterprises have turned out their network brands or established independent e-commerce department, most of them take network channel as a supplement of shopping mall or exclusive shop. Some take it as another wholesale channel. At present, there are mainly two operation modes for e-commerce home textile companies. One is to make a total new network brand separated from the entity brand. Another is to carry out network channel sale parallel or partly parallel with entity brand. The latter is more common. Compared with the former, the cost it inputs in self-network construction is comparatively less. With the entity-brand fame, existing customer relationship, contribution system and industry connections, it has more advantages in network channel at the beginning.

With the application of e-commerce into our home textile industry, we found a promising market, a huge benefit and a big success for home textile development. There may be many other methods and attempts in combination of the two parties. However, what we have tried has showed us much effect and confidence in them. Sure they can do better in future long distant course.

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