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Post COVID-19: The Office of The Future

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Here we are, the new normal. COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of life, and office fitouts are no exception. COVID-19 has upended working life, changing how and where people do their jobs.
Here we are, the new normal. COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of life, and office fitouts are no exception. COVID-19 has upended working life, changing how and where people do their jobs. Companies operating in commercial complexes are expected to maintain social distancing norms and remain prepared to face any unforeseen health issue. The perfect way to update the office space, considering office fitouts is the knowledgeable choice. Usually, for per person, 70-80 sq. ft. gap will be allotted, and now after COVID. It is expected to allocate more space per person in the work pace. By implementing this with office fitouts, people can ensure employees feel safe in their post-covid-19 office space. Now, with the help of appropriate technologies, employees can still able to perform their job tasks and continue to reach their targets and deliver results from working in home. So, what about the upcoming years in the office? So, it is essential for post COVID office refurbishment in Sydney.

What To Consider For New Commercial Office Fitouts In Sydney?

Working from home (WFH) has become the new norm for most office due to the COVID19 outbreak. This remains unchanged indefinitely, so it is essential to update your office with office fit out with a new design. For this office, footprint or tenancy size need to change. This ensures the employees can comfortably follow social distancing rules to feel safe and happy in their working environment. Here are some factors that you should consider

Plastic Protective Barriers

Research says, to protect customer-facing employee and receptionists, many offices now choose to include plastic barrier shields in their office fitouts. And they agreed it is safe, and their work doesn't intercept. So, if you plan to customise an office for your employee, consider opting for plastic protective barriers. Exceptionally the office space that opens to the public, even more, rigorous steps are being taken to stop the spread.

Designing the Personal and Partitions Workstations

The personal and partitions workstations will create a comfortable pod for employees to work happily and safely for increasing productivity. As a result, today, commercial office fitouts in Sydney has seen a large increase in demand for personal workstations. Did you know partitions should be at least 140cm high to minimise the spread of bacteria? So, now match the size, and match the colour palette of the office, and add the physical barrier between employees. Already, many offices now included partitions in their fitouts to respond to the risk of social distancing rules in the workplace.

Final Words

Today, companies worldwide are looking for a way to change the workspace designs to protect their employees' health and the company. Are you one among them, and re-thinking the office spaces with employee safety as a top priority? Consider booking an appointment with the right office fitouts company to discuss the plan, and update your office for post COVID with office fitouts!

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