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Personal Injury Claim – 5 Possible Reasons for Delay in Settlement

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Several people who file a personal injury claim usually ask how long would it take to settle the same.
Several people who file a personal injury claim usually ask how long would it take to settle the same. The truth is, there isn’t a clear-cut answer for it. Some claims take weeks, others take months or even years. While it is easy to blame the slow legal process associated with it, there could also be other reasons for delays to happen. Here are some of such possible factors explained by an expert Albuquerque personal injury attorney right below:

Delays due to Insurance Company:

Insurance companies do often delay the settlement process. This is especially true when the defendant is hard to work with. For instance, they would deliberately postpone processing the documents that are submitted by you. Perhaps, the insurers would even ask you to furnish extra documentation whenever necessary. To put it simply, they’ll do everything they possibly can to make a claimant abandon their claim.

Dispute Over Liability:

When the defendant denies that they were responsible for the injury or damage caused to you, the claim will get delayed. This is why evidence is super important. As soon as you file a claim, talk to an Albuquerque personal injury attorney to gather as much evidence as possible. Lack of proof gives insurance companies an extra incentive to put the blame on you. Your attorney would ask to collect your medical records and the contact info of eye witnesses to strengthen your claim.

Your Lawyer isn’t Experienced Enough:

Sometimes it is not easy to find a capable lawyer who is efficient in settling personal injury claims. Or maybe they are too busy dealing with other cases. The only solution to this problem is to research and hire a fully qualified lawyer who will be there for you always. They should have good expertise and understanding of the personal injury law, and ensure to get you a fair compensation as early as possible.

Your Injuries are Complex:

To decide on the settlement offer, it is necessary to identify the type of injury. This will be mentioned in the medical report. Sometimes, doctors would require to run some tests or offer you further treatment when the injury is severe. A car accident lawyer in Albuquerque NM will be able to tell how much compensation you should receive, only after obtaining the medical report from the doctor.

Your Personal Injury Claim Goes to Trial:

Most personal injury cases will be settled without going to court. However, if the settlement cannot be agreed between the two parties, your lawyer suggests filing a lawsuit. The additional time spent on trial obviously delays the settlement process. A reasonable offer will be made when preparing for trial or during the trial.

Having a skilled personal injury lawyer by your side will make things a lot easier for you. To ensure your claim is settled at the earliest time possible, get in touch with a reputable personal injury law firm in Albuquerque for assistance. It’ll be worth it.

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