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Niacin: a secret ingredient to save a man's sexual ability

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Now, as a result of the study conduced by researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, this popular nutrient will be also liked to treatment of sexual drive disorders in men.
Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, has been appearing in connection with bad cholesterol reduction, maintenance of the nervous system, digestive problems and conversion of food into energy. Now, as a result of the study conduced by researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, this popular nutrient will be also liked to treatment of sexual drive disorders in men.

Following research involving two groups of volunteers, the Chinese scientists announced that taking high doses of niacin results in significant improvement in sexual performance for men suffering from acute impotence. Volunteers were given up to 1,500 milligrams of this nutrient as pills throughout 12 weeks of therapy, while another group were only offered placebo tablets. The results were unambiguous and the subjects in the niacin-taking group reported enhanced performance in bed. Researchers have used a verified system of scoring to measure erectile activity, with a focus on obtaining and sustaining an erection. What is important is that those with the most severe cases of impotence seemed to benefit the most from treatment with vitamin B3.

On closer inspection, there is little wonder that such a correlation has been found. Sexual drive problems, in particular erectile dysfunctions, has been long linked to cardiovascular problems indicating that the root of the issue is in blood circulation. In fact, statistics indicate that among patients who have suffered from a heart attack many have a history of impotence and related problems. A well-known lifestyle disease, heart attack is a result of a destructive lifestyle that includes bad eating habits, lack of sport and addictions such as smoking or drinking. At a physiological level, what seems to fuel cardiovascular conditions is a gradual deterioration of arteries that transport blood between bodily organs, largely in response to depositing cholesterol along their walls.

This is where niacin might have a positive effect. It has been recognized, alongside substances such as statins, to control levels of undesirable cholesterol since it stimulates the production of high density lipoproteins. In other words, vitamin B3 depletes deposits of fats that lies around in arteries, enabling healthier circulation of blood. Additionally, scientists suppose that the nutrient also contributes to expansion of blood vessels, another positive development that enhances circulation. For the Chinese scientists, the most important impact of niacin can be seen in the pelvic region, which determines how much blood flows to the genitals.

There are mixed responses from the medical community about the future of niacin-rich therapy in treatment of impotence. It might be an alternative to Viagra and other conventional methods, but a couple of aspects are still missing from the equation. The first one is the fact that a daily dose of niacin applied in the study was about 1,500mg, well over a recommended amount and a potential health risk. There are also concerns about possible side effects, which typically include hot flushes and itchy skin in niacin-intense treatment. Doctors advise plenty of caution before taking up any specific steps to address impotence on your own.

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