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The spirit quickens, guides the mind, inflames the heart, helps move emotions into action and sustains infirmities. The spirit is the source of community and binds people together.
The spirit may tap resources of psychological power long dreamed of, but never made widely available to man. Such power may send man over the mountains of racial antagonism, social and economic barriers and denominational differences.
Inner -Self
The human person comprises body, mind and spirit together.
Both the mind and the spirit can and do exist in states of consciousness and unconsciousness.
We are aware only part of what is happening in either of them at given time.
• Intellect with which the mind perceives thrust, reasons, categories
• Will with which the mind decides and puts decision into action
• Imagination with which the mind puts things together in new ways, creates and from which come the emotions
• Memory with which the mind records and stores all personal past events, walking or sleeping just as they happened with all the thoughts, feelings and decisions associated with those events, whether or not we may want them recorded and stored.
Spirit has several functions which corresponding to three functions of mind
Communion - It is through the spirit that we sense the presence of God
Conscience - The ability to decide right from wrong and to act on what we decide
Intuition - The ability to perceive psychological realities.
Man's spirit is a channel to the divine spirit who sets life ablaze.
Mans Unity
We need to keep in mind that that the presentation of mind, the three words that help us to understand the reality of our inner selves.
The human person does not exist in parts but rather as a unity.
We see that both mind and body are expressions of life they are parts of whole life. We also understand their reciprocal relations in that whole. The life of man is the life of a moving and thinking being and it would not be sufficient for him to develop the body alone.
Since it is the mind function to decide a point towards which movement is to be made, it occupies the governing position in life.
With this situation in view all movements and expression must be coordinated and brought into a unity. The mind is compelled to develop as if to a final ideal goal. It is no different with body. The mind is controlled by the brains which gives signal to the whole body. The inspiration that we receive in our life is the spirit that gives us a push, the passion and the desire we have keeps us moving in life. The body and the spirit reciprocate with each other in performing their functions.
The positivity in life is nothing but the inspiration that one have that helps us to move on in life. The spirit motivates and inspires a person. The positivity gains us inspiration in life that is an everlasting experience. We should never stop doing well that will help another to be inspired. We must always remember that the people around us are the beneficiaries of our inspired life. They may be our family, friends our near and dear ones. The spirit that exists between us is the family spirit that keeps us united, encouraging and inspiring each other always.

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