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Most Common Causes of Windscreen Damage

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You wake up this morning and get ready for work only to discover that your windscreen is cracked for no reason.
You wake up this morning and get ready for work only to discover that your windscreen is cracked for no reason. Yes, Sometimes, car windshield crack or chip for no visible reason. Car windscreen repairs can be a hassle, especially if you ignore the small cracks and chips. Before you realise, the windscreen damage can get bigger and becomes impossible to repair. In such a case, windscreen replacement Sydney might be the viable option. However, you must understand the cause of windscreen damage so that you could prevent and make informed decisions before it escalates to an irreparable condition.

If you are wondering what caused your windscreen to crack, here are the possible reasons:-

Poor Installation

There are certain instructions to be followed when installing a windscreen. If your windscreen is cracked for no reason, probably faulty installation is the culprit. The glass rubber might be loose, leading to extreme vibration on the glass. The extreme pressure on the glass corners can result in cracking or shattering. If the glass is shattered completely, car windscreen replacement Sydney is the only option.


Road debris, small rocks, and gravel can all cause the windscreen to crack or chip. Yes, debris from the front wheel could be the reason. Keeping a certain distance from the vehicle in front is recommended to avoid such damage. When you are driving on gravel roads, drive slowly and don’t rush as the small stones can hit the glass.

Direct Sunlight

Metal and glass temperature can increase rapidly when the car is parked under direct sunlight for a longer period of time. The glass edges can experience temperature swings and expand quickly. That’s when the car windshield breaks when the temperature goes above a certain limit. The centre of the glass doesn’t expand, but the edges do. It is better to park your vehicle under a shade when you are out and inside your garage when at home.

Poor Quality

You might be surprised to learn the quality of glass affects the glass. But, the chances of breakage are high when installing a poor quality windscreen. That’s why professionals recommend timely repairs and checkups. Go for premium quality car windscreen instead of compromising quality over the windscreen replacement cost Sydney.


Hails can cause chips and cracks in your car windscreen by hitting the glass head at high speed with great force. Drive slowly or pull over somewhere in a safe place to prevent damage when it starts to hail.

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