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Minty Fresh Mornings on the Ride to Work: An Innovative Twist to Bus Advertising

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As a way to fully optimise bus advertising, an idea came about using scents to create a multisensory bus.
As a way to fully optimise bus advertising, an idea came about using scents to create a multisensory bus campaign for the toothpaste brand of “Darlie” in Singapore, by Wavemaker & Media Taurus, AllSense, and Hawley & Hazel. The bus advertising initiative uses the scent of Darlie’s signature double mint, a mix of Peppermint and Spearmint essences, as the inspiration for AllSense’s aroma for the campaign.

The bus advertising campaign which was overseen by Wavemaker & Media Taurus was aimed at triggering the senses of customers by stimulating their imagination on the essence of freshness one could feel from using Darlie’s toothpaste. It focuses on how Darlie’s toothpaste is the way to start a fresh day with the multisensory bus roaming around the large streets of one of the cleanest cities in the world.

By making use of scent onto their advertising campaign, along with their plastered wide graphics on the side of their buses, they’ve added another dimension to connect with customers outside of the visual element which could tap into the human mind. This is something even digital advertising campaigns can’t easily replicate.

In going through this campaign, they also took into consideration the scope’s climate, with both locals and tourists wandering and walking around the clean streets for work or leisure. In an odd unison, the campaign also did wonders for the mindset of Singaporeans and tourists - and that scent also gives them that minty freshness when they pop open a tube of Darlie’s toothpaste. This shows how companies can truly benefit from bus advertising in addition to getting the best bus advertising rates and lowest bus advertising costs.

The minty scent of the buses in the daily commute was easily welcomed in due time, especially by those who are always stressed of living in a highly urbanised area. Ultimately, taking this into consideration was their wild card in letting this campaign be a success and making it stand out from other advertising campaigns.

With how bus advertising rates can tend to rise the bigger they are, there could’ve been an additional fee perhaps to let such a scent permeate not only the bus goers senses but even the simple pedestrians walking by Singapore's already clean sidewalks. However, this is where the marketing strategy happens. Despite the higher than usual bus advertising rates or bus advertising costs, this campaign is a hit as it taps great brand-recall that would result in great returns.

This campaign adds on to the argument that experiential advertising adds value to a brand and their products, with the campaigns demanding attention or transaction each time a possible customer passes by them. If more people were to make use of the full potential of out-of-home advertising like commuter advertising such as this campaign did, bus advertising costs would rise up in no time.

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