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Mending Broken Relationships

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You could try and rebuild broken relationships to what they used to be, or at least make them more proper. A bit of will, time and work is all you need.
Maybe your best friend moved half a world away and you hardly ever are free at the same time to talk, maybe you stopped talking to your sister and don’t even remember why, maybe you only exchange holiday cards with your parents because they don’t approve of your life choices. Either way, chances of you having a strained relationship with somebody are not that slim. You could let things remain the way they are and only occasionally feel you miss that someone in your life, or you could try and rebuild the relationship to what it used to be, or at least make it more proper. A bit of will, time and work is all you need.

If physical distance is to blame for your relationship loosening up, you shouldn’t have any problem getting it stronger. You may not be able to chat on webcam everyday or not even every week, but you can stay in close touch by exchanging emails regularly, talking about what’s going on, describing happy events but also difficult situations you’re facing. That way you’ll both be up to date on the other person’s life so when you do get the time to chat, you’ll be able to get to the important things right away instead of looking for a way to interrupt small talk with big news. You can write pages long emails or you may just drop a few words in between meetings, but letting the other person know you think of them lets you keep the relationship strong and valuable and will make you both feel important to one another once again.

When the reason for losing contact with somebody important to you was so silly that you don’t even remember why you stopped talking, but it’s been so long that you are afraid it’s too late to catch up, you’re in for a more difficult task. You may want to get back in touch, but you are risking that the other person doesn’t care. Since the best things are worth the biggest risks, though, you should give it a try and make the first step. In best case scenario you’ll call with birthday wishes or send a holiday card and get some kind of response, in worst case scenario you’ll not hear a word from the person you’re trying to reconcile wit, but at least you’ll know what your chances are of talking again. You don’t have to opt for any grand gesture, just send a signal that you’re still there, thinking of the person and willing to rebuild your relationship, and see what happens next.

A cold, keep-you-at-a-distance relationship is perhaps most difficult, because if you don’t talk at all, it’s sad, but if you only exchange hellos, possibly best wishes for different occasions and would rather talk about celebrity gossip when you’re in one room than important matters from your life, that gets not only sad but also very frustrating, to a point where you want to scream or storm out. Your best solution for a situation like that is to sit down wit the person you have such cold interactions and tell them how you feel and why, encouraging them to do the same. Knowing the reasons why your relationship took the turn it did and understanding what motivated the other party will let you see what can possibly be done to fix it, or at least will give you an opportunity to smooth out some deeper wrinkles and while your relationship may not become very warm and loving all of a sudden, you may find it possible to talk about yourself without getting too deep but definitely touching on more personal topics than just observing somebody has a new haircut.

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