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Marketing Project on Digitial Communications-MBA Project Report and Dissertations Writing Help

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Writing Project Report on Marketing is not easy and useful tips for marketing projects is required for Dissertation Writing on Digital Communications which will give a good Marketing Project Report.
Usually, it takes effort to write a Digital Communication Project Report on Marketing but can be done with professional help. Let us look into the market.

Apple Inc, profiled earlier as a direct market participant, illustrates the possibilities for ‘outside suppliers’ to move more directly into digital communications. Having entered the 2000s as a computer manufacturer, Apple diversified into ‘lifestyle accessories’, music, television and telephony. The company’s iPod/iTunes system built Apple’s kudos with young consumers; the Apple TV device lets owners show digital content from a computer on their HD television sets, associating Apple with the broadcasting market; and the iPhone has brought Apple directly into telecommunications. Microsoft, also profiled earlier as a direct communications competitor (particularly with the Hotmail and Windows Messenger programmes), provides another example of diversification by an ‘outside supplier’. At both global and national levels, other majors in computing and Internet services are steadily encroaching on the communications and broadcasting markets, as the capabilities of home computers improve. The Internet sector features intensifying global competition between companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, AOL (owned by Carphone Warehouse in the UK) and Tiscali (profiled earlier), all moving into each other’s markets (for online content, search, VOD, as ISP, etc.).

Potential competitors in the diversifying communications market include the UK’s (and usually the world’s) largest media and entertainment companies, most of which have the advantage of being based in English-language countries. The BBC is important for broadcasting and the Internet, although its charter prevents it from moving into telecommunications; the leading commercial terrestrial broadcaster, ITV, has the potential to become a communications company, already bringing people together through its networking websites, Friends Reunited and Genes Reunited.

Similarly, at a global level, News Corporation is a major potential force, with ownership of MySpace, Photobucket, Beliefnet, Rotten Tomatoes (movie reviews) and other websites, in addition to its control of BSkyB and publishing interests (e.g. The Times and The Sun). Time Warner is another potential competitor, already with major assets in movies, magazines and new media, while Sony has several related interests through its mobile handsets, consoles (PlayStation) and movie (Columbia) and music (Sony BMG) subsidiaries.

Digital communications is a challenging industry to write your dissertation and Custom MBA Project Reports on this industry requires time effort and planning.

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