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MAT 2012 – How to prepare for the test

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MAT 2012- Management Aptitude Test to be held in February 2012 will have five sections namely Language Comprehension
MAT 2012- Management Aptitude Test to be held in February 2012 will have five sections namely Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning and Indian & Global Environment Section. Each section is designed to test the general aptitude and the analytical power of the candidates. Let us get some information about each section.

Language comprehension
As the name suggests, this sections tests the basic abilities of your English usage. Since, English is the international language of business, it is important that future managers have good grasp of English language. To improve your skills for this section, you should work on your English in routine.
Read, read and read. Read newspapers, magazines, book, and see how each word is used in different contexts. In addition, watch English TV programs, movies and News and pay attention to English diction. If you try to converse in English with your friends who are good at English, it will help a lot without spending extra time.

Mathematical Skills
This section is comprised of general arithmetical questions, which are easy in nature except probability and permutation questions that may seem to be difficult to some candidates. To improve your mathematical skills, learn the basics, formulas and tricks to calculate fast. Practicing a lot is the best tip to master this section.

Data Analysis
This sections poses questions related to conventional data interpretation such as graphs, charts etc. In addition, it has questions related to percentage, increases, decrease, data comparison and more. Same trick of practicing applies here in this section too.

Intelligence and Critical reasoning section
Though interesting, it is one of the most unconventional and most unexpected section as it tests the intelligence of the person. It has questions related to puzzles solving, directions, blood relations, sequencing, Venn diagram, Circular arrangement and more. To practice this section, solve puzzles, take mock tests and check solved papers.

To attempt most questions successfully, it is important that you have spent time for practicing over each area of test before the test date. Some of these questions are very basic, but practice makes things easier for the candidates.

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