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Looking Great Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

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It’s easy to look fabulous when you can afford anything and everything. But if your budget is tight, it requires some extra flexibility, initiative and creativity to achieve similar results.
We’re all on some kind of budget, the difference is some of us can afford a weekly visit to a spa, sessions with a personal Pilates trainer and shopping trips when they just feel like buying something and others do home treatments, jog with a friend and buy what they need at the moment. If you don’t have the luxury of a sizeable account and are jealous of all the procedures, shopping and fun those with more money can afford, stop envying them and find ways to look and feel your best on your budget.

Think about it from a different perspective. It’s easy to look fabulous when you can afford anything and everything and you can run from one specialist to another having them make you look gorgeous and feel healthy. But if your budget is tight, it requires some extra flexibility, initiative and creativity to achieve similar results. Don’t view that as an obstacle but a challenge you can easily live up to.

Sure spa treatments are nice and it feels great when somebody massages your face at the same time getting rid of impurities and making skin look younger and more radiant. However, at a fraction of the price you can achieve the same results at home with either drugstore-bought cosmetics, or even the contents of your fridge and pantry. And the luxury of somebody applying the facial while you sit back and relax doesn’t have to be lost either, as long as you invite a friend over and exchange favors.

Diet and exercise are a big part of what you look like and how you feel, but you don’t need a professional nutritionist and a personal trainer watch over you like hawks. When it comes to your eating, just make sure to stay away from fatty foods, incorporate a lot of fruits, vegetables and grains into your diet, and choose healthier version of traditional foods like pita bread instead of white, natural instead of fruit yogurt or wild rather than white rice. If you have problems staying on track with exercises, talk a friend into partnership so you can mobilize one another to run, bike or join a local gym.

When your body is in good shape and you feel relaxed and strong, you’ll look great, but you’ll still need to throw some clothes into the mix. Don’t worry about not being able to afford wearing latest ensembles from couture designers, because looking good is not synonymous with wearing most expensive fashions. Play with clothes buying from vintage stores, mall boutiques and department stores and mixing ad matching styles. All you have to make sure of is that what you wear is the right size, fit and color for you.

Looking good doesn’t have to be expensive, so no matter how big your budget, you can always look like a star. And once your account starts growing, you can start going to experts to get your facials done, pricey stores to buy dresses and top salons to get your hair colored, or you can stick to your budget-friendly routines and spend the extra cash on furniture, travel or other pleasures you could only dream of before.

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