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Land Rover Sport EV - 4 Standout Features of the Popular SUV

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Range Rover Sport is one of the most dynamic and versatile SUVs ever made by Land Rover.
Range Rover Sport is one of the most dynamic and versatile SUVs ever made by Land Rover. It is perfectly proportioned, and well designed with precision. Besides its sporty looks that turn people's heads, its great efficiency and easily accessible Land Rover charging station provides superior driving experience for owners. The PHEV hybrid model of Land Rover sport delivers ultra-low emissions with its mighty engine.

1. Powerful Performance:

There's a range of engines available to choose while custom building you Land Rover Sport SUV. Each engine is optimised to meet your requirements. The engine and the electric motor delivers a combined power of 398 HP. The vehicle can also be driven in a manually selectable electric vehicle mode (more on this explained later). The EV-only range of the vehicle is about 48 km, which is perfect for short commutes.

2. 8 Speed Automatic Transmission:

All the engines provided for this vehicle comes with eight speed automatic transmission. The gear changes are almost unnoticeable and provide great comfort. The transmission is implemented in such a way that it maximises fuel efficiency and acceleration.

3. Multiple Driving Modes:

Land Rover Sport is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that comes with two driving modes namely Parallel Hybrid Mode and Electric Vehicle Mode.

Parallel Hybrid Mode: This is the default driving mode that combines petrol and electric drive. The vehicle owner can optimise fuel consumption or battery charge with the help of the following two functions.

- Predictive Energy Optimisation Function (PEO): Enable this functionality by selecting a destination in the navigation system. After analysing the route, the vehicle automatically switches between petrol engine and electric motor in order to enhance fuel economy.

- SAVE Function: This function allows you to set a level below which the battery charge should not drop.

Electric Vehicle Mode: As the name suggests, this is the full electric drive mode with a range adequate for short commutes. Use a Land Rover charging station available across different parts of the city to top up the battery. Be informed that the vehicle automatically shifts back to Parallel Hybrid Mode if more power and torque is required or the battery level is insufficient.

4. Delightful Driving, Everyday:

These features are deployed to provide drivers the most convenient driving experience ever.

- Cabin Pre-Conditioning: Before entering the vehicle, you can precool or preheat the cabin using this functionality. It also works even without starting the engine.

- Enjoy a More Refined and Quiet Drive: Land Rover sport is one of the quietest vehicles you will ever see. In full EV mode, the SUV gives you a peaceful and silent drive.

- Convenient Charging: It takes approximately 7.5 hours to fully charge the vehicle with a Land Rover car charger. You can also utilise Timed Charging to indicate when the vehicle must use the supply for charging.

The Land Rover Sport offers uncompromised capability on and off road. Low carbon emissions and improved fuel economy with a Land Rover electric car charger makes this SUV a great buy.

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