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Kids Funky Socks - Things to Consider When Buying Them

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When you're shopping for kids funky socks, it's easy to go crazy with cuteness and end up with something that's pretty but not functional.
When you're shopping for kids funky socks, it's easy to go crazy with cuteness and end up with something that's pretty but not functional. It's also easy to forget about the practicalities of how socks fit and how they hold up in real-life situations like walking, playing, running, or even sitting still in school all day long. If you want cute and comfy kids socks that are actually useful to your child and you as a parent, here are some things to consider when buying them

The Size

Children are growing all of the time, and not only can their tastes change rapidly, but so can their shoe size. If you're buying socks for an older child, it's a good idea to ensure they'll be able to wear them for more than one season. The best way to do that is to get their foot measured in a store and then use that measurement when shopping online. Madmiya long socks fit children age six and up.

Favourite Colour of Your Kid

If your child has a favourite colour, try and find some long socks with a matching colour scheme. There are so many cute options available online. Madmiya has super cute colourful long socks that are designed specifically for kids. If you're looking for something fun, there is an adorable unicorn long sock on Madmia that would be perfect. They have various colours and styles, so your kid will never get bored of them!

Quality of the Socks

Obviously, since you're going to be having your kid wear these socks, they need to be of good quality. This is especially true if you intend on letting them play in sand and water—if they fall apart easily, then it really defeats the purpose of spending money on these kid's socks. Make sure that you get plenty of spares for when accidents happen. Madmiya has a wide variety of kid socks with different motifs and designs that should have something for everyone.

Comfort To Wear

If a pair of socks is going to be on your child's feet for a long time, comfort is key. You can look for socks that feature soft fabric and opt for flat seams that won't rub against their skin. An added bonus is if they're machine washable, you can easily clean them after each use.


Socks are an important part of any kid's wardrobe because they help keep their feet warm and dry during the winter, and let them run around comfortably in the summer. Sometimes, it's not enough to buy regular socks with patterns or colours that match their outfits – you need to buy fun socks! That said, don't just buy any fun socks from any store – consider the above-listed things when buying your child's next pair of cool funky socks.

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