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Is it Necessary to Have an Estate Plan Before Death?

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Life is uncertain, and this pandemic has taught us the same. Death is inevitable! We all will die one day or the other.
Life is uncertain, and this pandemic has taught us the same. Death is inevitable! We all will die one day or the other. But, it’s important to think about our loved ones’ life after our death.

People tend to devote more time to planning a vacation, choosing a car, home improvements. But don’t care much about assets and finances. Deciding on who will inherit the assets after you’re gone is crucial. Of course, nobody is looking forward to their death. You need to make sure your loved ones are protected when it happens. This is when estate planning comes the play. It’s all about protecting your loved ones. Neither age nor health determines whether you need an estate plan. It’s a good idea to take care of your finances until it’s too late.

You’ll want to take a look at the reasons why is it necessary to have an estate plan after death as shared by leading trust lawyers in Perth.

Save Money

Without a proper will or estate plan in place, settling your financial affairs after your death can be difficult and have a long-lasting and expensive impact on your loved ones. This is for all classes of people, no matter if you don’t own a villa, large IRA, or some valuable assets to pass on. If you die without a proper will, the court will decide who will get the assets without any input from your loved ones you’ll leave behind. In addition, your loved ones have to pay tax and legal fees, etc.

When you have a proper estate plan, it will be transferred to your heirs without creating the smallest possible tax burden for them. A large amount can be saved from federal and state estate taxes and state inheritance taxes. Without a will, the amount that your loved ones will owe to others could be quite a lot that you’d have never imagined.

Prevent Disputes between Family Members

You’d have probably heard about the horror stories of claiming the assets left by the dead one. When someone dies with lot of money and assets and without a will, the ordeal the heirs go through can’t be described. It could be so painful watching them fight for the assets, leaving your heirs no choice. Such disputes can get ugly and end up in court. Preventing the dispute between the families is yet another reason why estate planning is necessary. Seek the advice of estate planning lawyers Perth for a proper estate plan.

Protect Beneficiaries

It’s true that estate planning was once considered for only high net worth individuals. It’s not the same today. Nowadays, even middle-class families plan their estate when something happens to a family member, who is the breadwinner. That’s because the goal of estate planning is to protect the beneficiaries and ensure the assets and finances are passed to heirs.

Need help with planning your estate? Get the assistance of estate planning lawyers in Perth.

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