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Is BBQ a Suitable Catering Choice For a Party?

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Who doesn’t love barbeque? BBQ is universally adored. Everyone has one favourite kind of barbeque meal.
Who doesn’t love barbeque? BBQ is universally adored. Everyone has one favourite kind of barbeque meal. A barbeque is considered more of a casual food gathering. That is why many wonder whether it is suitable for all kind of vacations. While many will enjoy a delicious meal, you have to ask yourself whether this type of food suits your theme and nature of the party.

All types of BBQ catered buffets, including spit roast, are suitable for casual parties. If you are bored with traditional menu and wanted to try something new, go for BBQ. Pre-wedding dinners with friend’s anniversaries, family gatherings, reunions, etc will be a good match to a BBQ-inspired menu. If you want to add spit roast in your menu, hire professional caterers who are specialised in spit roast catering in Sydney.

What should be on your menu if you want to throw a BBQ party?

BBQ’s are all about diversity – this is one of the most important things you need to remember when you opt for this kind of food for your party. You need to make multiple choices available to accommodate the needs and preferences of your guests so that everybody has got something to eat. Not everybody eats meat; you must have veggies as well.

Primary proteins

This is what makes or breaks a barbeque. Which proteins will you select? If you are not sure, discuss with a catering company in Sydney to choose the right proteins. It also depends on whether you want a classic or take things to an elevated level.

Flame roasted sides

Most of the vegetables get cooked well on a grill. However, not everything should be grilled. You can also add potato salad, macaroni salad, and baked beans. These are default salads that can be added in any barbeque menu.


Food with the right beverages is essential for any party. While bottled water is a must for any party, sodas are standard barbeque beverage. Of course, your friends need Beer and wine to enjoy with the food.

If you are planning to work with a birthday party catering Sydney, ensure that the catering company you choose has the right tools and utensils to prepare the food and keep them fresh throughout the party. Even if you are planning to prepare the food on your own, the same goes for you as well. It is better to hire a catering company that specialises in BBQ catering as they will take care of everything right from food preparation to cleaning.

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