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Indications You Need To Fire Your Finance Planner

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A good financial planner in Maroubra would help you to realise your short-term and long-term goals and build a balanced plan in meeting both of them.
A good financial planner in Maroubra would help you to realise your short-term and long-term goals and build a balanced plan in meeting both of them. They need to have some set of attributes and if you find anything lacking in your current finance planner, the right thing to do is to look for someone else. Here are some indications you need to fire your finance planner,

Recommending investments before understanding your needs

Before drawing an investment plan, your financial advisor in Maroubra should listen to your personal needs and time frame. There is no investment plan that could fit everyone’s needs. They can offer a set of plans that could fit your goals but it may exceed the threshold financial limit set by you. If such is the case, then it is desirable to look for someone else who is more sensible and one who understands your needs better.

No proper financial plan

Every investment that is being recommended by your financial advisor in Maroubra should contain a proper plan attached to it, most preferably in a written form. These plans help you to understand where you are according to the current trends, whether the investment is within your financial condition, long term as well as short term merits and demerits.

Not readily available

In Maroubra, Financial advisor should be reachable whenever you want him to be or else it’s time to disconnect the call and look for a better person. A good financial advisor knows how to develop and manage a cordial relationship with their clients. They have discussions periodically about the ups and downs in the market and what type of investment is better in the present day. The one who never listens to what you are saying, who doesn’t care about what your goals are should be shown the door as early as possible.

Tricked into making investments

A financial advisor should be loyal to you and if you feel that you are being forced to make an investment which seems fishy and you are not comfortable with, then it is not a right to move forward.

Periodic change in investments

The financial advisor should be clear and stable in the investment plan he has created. If he is not sure of what his plan is, what it could achieve and makes constant change in the investments then it means he is not entirely focused on his assignment.

These behaviours are similar to making mockery of your investments. Also, you might end up with huge financial loss.

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