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Include CoQ10 in your winter routine

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Dry, itchy, irritated skin can fortunately become just a distant, unpleasant memory if you take proper care of yourself in these cold months.
Winter can be beautiful with the fresh, white snow covering the world and holiday decorations, it can be cozy when you curl up in front of the fireplace after a day of skiing, and unfortunately it can be terribly damaging to the skin, with the frost, temperature differences between indoors and outdoors, clothes absorbing the lotion before the skin gets to. Dry, itchy, irritated skin can fortunately become just a distant, unpleasant memory if you take proper care of yourself in these cold months.

First off, there can be no such thing as too much moisturizing in the winter. When you’re heating your house or office, you’re drying out the air, which in turn dries out your skin, so moisturize more often than you do the rest of the year. Since your skin is more dry, the products you use need to be stronger as well, so use heavy creams and lotions for proper hydration. Don’t be afraid to put a thick layer of cream on your face at night, leaving some white residue, as it will get absorbed while you sleep. As for the rest of your body, apply lotion generously and wait for it to absorb and dry before putting your clothes or pajamas on, or you’ll end up with greased clothes and barely moisturized skin.

Since your skin gets dry, it’s imperative to remove the dead cells forming a dry barrier on you. Use exfoliators that remove the top layer leaving your healthy skin intact, opting for scrubs that are not too aggressive if you’re going to be using them more often. Since skin on your face is more delicate, use a gentle cleanser and an enzymatic peeling rather than a scrub to get rid of the dead cells and prepare your skin for more efficient moisturizing. And remember, your lips need a lip balm and not a quick lick which won’t moisturize them but only leave them chapped.

It’s as true in the winter as it is in the summer, water keeps you hydrated, so drink a lot for your health as much as for your skin. Aside from water feel free to reach for fresh juice packed with vitamins or tea, which is a great source of antioxidants. Not all liquids are good for you, for example coffee can dry out your skin and sodas are just sugar bombs, so make smart choices when it’s time to hydrate.

Our habits are different in the winter, so it’s easy to miss out on skin beneficial vitamins ad minerals due to a changed diet and lack of sun. To make up for it, add a Vitamin D supplement to your diet, look for omega 3 rich foods and consider a CoQ10 as part of a winter healthy skin and healthy body routine. The healthier you eat, the better your overall condition and the condition of your skin, so while including more fish and water, stay away from fried, spicy and artificially sweetened foods, so they don’t show up on your face weakening your skin in the already trying time.

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