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How to Fix a Cracked iPad Screen?

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It can be frustrating to see a cracked iPad screen as the device itself comes with a hefty price tag.
It can be frustrating to see a cracked iPad screen as the device itself comes with a hefty price tag. But, accidents do happen. No matter how careful you are at some point, you may drop the iPad down on the floor or in a puddle of water. However, the iPad can still function with a cracked screen. It can even work even if the display is shattered, although it can be hard to read the text on the screen.

Unfortunately, iPad screen replacement Sydney is not cheap, as the device itself is costlier. Apple has a set fee based on the model of the iPad. The lowest price for iPad repairs Sydney is $199 and the prices can go up from there based on the extensive of the damages. You can find a better deal at the third party iPad repair shop.

Let’s take a look at the options available for fixing a cracked iPad screen:-

Fixing Very small crack

While Apple warranty doesn’t cover any accidental damages, hairline cracks due to flaw in the display are covered by Apple. If you still have the warranty, take it to the nearby Apple Care Centre to see if it is covered or not. It has to be very small crack to get it fixed for free. If your iPad screen is shattered, you have to pay from your pocket.

Another option is just to leave as it is and use the device. If it is not covered by the warranty or don’t have one, you can continue using it with the crack rather than spending much on iPad screen repairs Sydney. If you choose to use this option, invest in a good hard case that has a plastic screen protector to avoid further damages to the phone.

Fixing shattered screen

If your iPad screen is completely shattered or has more cracks, you have got no other options other than screen replacement. But, the question is how much you have to spend for screen replacement. If you have Apple care+, then you are lucky enough. One of the best features of Applecare+ is that it covers accidental damages, including a cracked screen for a reasonable service charge of $49. When compared to the cost of replacing your iPad screen, a service charge of $49 is not a big deal. You need to schedule an appointment with Apple’s Genuine Bar at your nearest Apple Store or email your iPad to the Apple centre to get it fixed.

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