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How to Deal with Worry at Work?

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Do you get over work or everything mix message from your boss or without no reason, you fell so worry and nervous about your job?
Do you get over work or everything mix message from your boss or without no reason, you fell so worry and nervous about your job? Follow these tips to help your stress less.

1.Imageine everything in best-case scenario

Work just like a circle, the same day after day. How can you adjust your attitude to this repetitive task? Suddenly, your boss give you a difficult task within a week finished. Your mind is swell, how can you do that within a short time? Suppose you can image if you finished this task well, you can require your boss some conditions that cannot realize at usual, I am sure your boss will not refuse you. Every boss know that talented technical are hard to find and work for him. Promotion, salary increase is possible.

2.Give yourself a free talk to your close friend

Hard to find the place to let off the bad emotion? Your close friend is your best choice. He or she is not your company, so if you inform secretly on your boss or superior, you don’t need to worry to be fired.

3.Find something better to do

Mentally changing the subject can also override worry. "Engage in an activity that brings you joy or requires all of your attention," Dr, McAllister says. University of Maryland research shows that the happiest people spend 30% less time parked in front of the TV. It’s possible that TV watching is linked to rumination, mulling over thoughts again and again and again.

To break the worry cycle, chat up a good friend, recommends Stephen S. Ilardi, PhD, author of The Depression Cure. A good two-way conversation takes a lot of mental energy and makes it difficult to ruminate. Another good distraction: Do something active, like hop on your kid's Wii or shoot some hoops in the driveway. According to Dr. Ilardi, coordinating physical movements demands so much focus, you don't have as much room for errant worries.

4.Keep your job in prespective
Working’s main reason is make money and get promoted. A small company own small companies. So don’t discouraging. Ask yourself whether the company is worth you work hard or not. And whatever you’re upset about, please not for so, make sure your goal then make it realize.

5.Exercise more

Experts show that exercise help office worker relax and release pressure. Many office worker choose to running, aerobic gymnastics in the gym. Or take a deep breath or simple as touching two fingers together.

6.Stand up and straighten yourself

For a moment, to lift the mood, watch your posture. When researchers from Ohio State University study, participants asked to assess their capabilities in terms of job opportunities, they found that those who have the task were performed with the right attitude safer in their capacity as who were on collapsed. "People feel confident when they sit, and they can trust their current ideas attribute," says study author and psychologist Richard E. Petty,

7.Crack yourself up

Okay, it's not just funny that you're so stressed and busy that you dine at work for the third night in a row. But in the situation, a laugh or a smile to crack, a situation defused. "Choose four fifty-seven memories that are still laughing, and store them in your head," said Bruce S. Rabin, MD, Ph.D., medical director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Lifestyle Program. Then, when you disturb something, your "bank go funny laugh."

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