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How to Crack CAT Entrance Exam without Coaching

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Coaching is not the only way of cracking your CAT exam infact self study is said to be the best thing of all. If you have it in you and you focused towards your goal you can definitely clear CAT exam without coaching.
Today in the era of competition everybody is running after success. All of us want to get successful and have a name in the society. But as Charles Darwin earlier said in his theory “survival for the fittest” only the deserving ones survive and others are thrown out. It is very important that whatever you do must be done with great dedication and sincere hard work. Then only the world recognizes your importance. As there are lots of people like you who are running after the same thing. CAT or common Admission test is conducted by the Indian Institute of management to get the best and qualified students for their college. This test generally includes Logical Reasoning and General Intelligence, Quantitative and numerical Ability and proficiency in English Language. Therefore it is clear that if you work on all these four areas your success is definitely ensured.

Coaching is not the only way to crack your cat exams. If you don’t have a zeal in yourself towards fulfilling your goal then coaching alone cannot help you clear this exam. In the recent years cat examination has gained wide importance among the young graduates everyone wants to clear cat and get into IIM for quality management training. If you are not taking any coaching for this exam you don’t need to worry at all. There are many books available in the market that helps you practice and improve your weak area. Infact these books contain previous year exams which can help you understand that the type of questions that will be asked in your coming exam.

There are many practice exercises in the books which you can do. Also try knowing your weak area and work on them. Suppose you are good in everything but you have problems in solving reasoning questions then practice that area more. You should also look for the speed. Try in improving your speed in numerical calculations and logical reasoning. As there are many students who are not able to complete the whole paper just because of the fact that their speed is low. Try and work on that area too.

Another most important thing that I need to suggest you is that make a proper time table for yourself as to what subjects you are going to study in your entire day. Suppose morning if you are studying Numerical Aptitude then evening give time to English Aptitude. Try and give equal time to all the subjects. No doubt that weaker ones should be given more time. Try and speak to your friends who are preparing for the same examination gather some knowledge from them and give them yours. This way you are able to learn new thing and ways of doing things. Ask you’re what their ways of studying are and what their weaker areas are. Take help from them in your weaker area and give them help in your strong area. Also if you have some teachers who can guide and help you with these subjects try contacting them and asking your doubts. Teachers never say no to their students!

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