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How to Choose the Child Care Centre for Your Child?

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There are some simple things you should know and insist upon, whether you prefer a traditional child care facility, day care in Dural, or in-home care.
There are some simple things you should know and insist upon, whether you prefer a traditional child care facility, day care in Dural, or in-home care. We spoke to mothers and other professionals who have been in the child-care trenches to help you with this all-important decision. Here are the ways a Dural early childhood centre decision can be sized up.

Look down

Pay attention to how the team deals with the kids when you visit a prospective location. A caregiver should preferably be on the floor playing with the children or carrying one on her lap. In their early years, in order to prosper, babies require close, caring, engaging relationships with adults.

Request a promise

Babies require quality treatment that is routine. It helps them to build a stable relationship with their caregivers. If you're looking for an in-home caregiver, ask for a one-year dedication to the position from the person you're considering. Find out how long the new caregivers have been operating there and how much attrition the facility usually faces if you're choosing a Dural childrens centre.

Do a search on the policy

Find out if you share parental philosophies on subjects such as TV discipline (is the TV used sparingly or during the day, or at all?); eating (what foods or liquids are given for older infants?); How are the babies put to sleep?; What signs prohibit a child from attending?

Spy and drop by

While it is important for word-of-mouth references from other parents or reliable resources, you need to look at a position for yourself to decide how it meets your needs. Of course, every child-care area should be kept safe, childproofed, and well stocked with age-appropriate, durable books and toys. Other particulars to consider: Toys with tiny components ought to be set aside from younger babies while older kids share rooms. Infants and babies should preferably have their own space where older toddlers would not "love" them too much. At first sight, a space or separate area devoted exclusively to swings and bouncers can look enticing, but bear in mind that developing babies require lots of floor time.

Continue to speak

You can depend on what the caregiver tells you about your child's day before your baby can talk. Make sure that you can communicate with each other comfortably. You should tell the caregiver how your little one spent the night before, whether he's teething, and if he's had something to eat when you first hand your child over in the morning. You'll want to know similar things at the end of the day, such as the amount of diapers he went through, whether he napped, and whether, generally, he was content. Talking to the caregiver in person is often better. Ask if there is a suitable time to call, even at nap time, if that is not feasible.

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