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How You Benefit from Car Leasing

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The depreciation rate for buying new cars certainly is something that one should not look forward to, it is so much easier to get car leasing than looking for funds to finance a car.
One of the most popular methods of having a car these days is through car leasing. More businesses as well as individuals are recognizing the fact that car leasing has good benefits for all – so much more compared to buying a vehicle. It is so much easier to get car leasing than looking for funds to finance a car, and the depreciation rate for buying new cars certainly is something that one should not look forward to. If you have been thinking whether or not car leasing is for you, fear not. At the end of the day it might probably is, but you will probably want to know its benefits before you commit to a decision.

Worth Getting Into

Obviously, car leasing is quite the cost-effective approach – but that is not all there is to it. It has got some more really good things going for it which will certainly be of interest to you. First of all, it is easier to budget your motoring costs since you have fixed monthly payments. The all-inclusive maintenance and servicing costs as well as roadside rescue is also another attractive benefit. The terms are quite flexible for the entire lease duration. If you get car leasing, it is like having a new car every couple of years without running the cost of maintaining older vehicles. You also have a very low initial outlay, and you can drive a much better car for the lease compared to buying with your own money. There are no more depreciation risks to worry about and you are free from thinking about old vehicle disposal. When the lease contract is over, all you have to do is hand it back and you have no more commitment to follow. But at the same time, you also have the option to extend your lease further, for around six to twelve months if you wish. And most attractive of all, there is usually the option to purchase the leased car once the contract ends.

Business Benefits You Will Enjoy

Did you know that car leasing is also a great tax relief, as high up as one hundred percent? If you have a business, you can get fifty percent of the value-added tax back on the leased car and up to one hundred percent if you had gotten a commercial vehicle. You do not have to worry about Contract Hire vehicles appearing on the balance sheet, which will thus improve your accounts. Furthermore, your cash flow will improve because of the very low initial outlay. You can even include accident management and fleet management services to the contract. Indeed, opting for car leasing is a very good choice especially if you are going to use it for business or commercial purposes. If you have long wanted to drive a car but have not the funds to actually put a huge down payment for one, this is proving to be a very good alternative that is not as headache inducing as others out there.

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