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How Task Cards Make Learning Fun & Effective for Students

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Task cards are immensely loved by teachers and students alike, as it makes learning fun and interactive. Task cards promote independent learning among students.
Task cards are immensely loved by teachers and students alike, as it makes learning fun and interactive. Task cards promote independent learning among students. It is one of the best teaching resources that can be utilised to impart the right knowledge and skills most effectively.

Task cards are basically a set of cards that lists a number of questions or tasks on them. These cards can be implemented in any way, which will be explained in a bit. Keep reading to get familiarised with this fun and popular learning material.

How Task Cards are Beneficial in Classrooms:

One of the best things that makes task cards appealing is its versatility. Task cards can do away with traditional worksheets that make learning feel like a chore for students. As mentioned above, task cards typically have two to four questions or tasks listed in it. These cards will come with an answer key as well as an answer sheet.

- Make Differentiation Possible:

A common area where students usually struggle is grammar. Teachers can get these teaching resources to help students practise their grammatical skills in an interesting manner. You can make two students, with distinct strengths and weaknesses, work together and complement each other. One student who’s good with active voice but not in prepositions, will help the other student who is strong in prepositions but not active voice. Task cards promote collaboration and faster learning.

- Learn without Stress:

A typical worksheet will include multiple questions that students are required to complete. This is applicable for all subjects, and is usually implemented to explore a topic that’s been recently introduced in class.

On the bright side, students will have to deal with only one question at a given time with task cards. This is totally manageable and encouraging for them. The best teacher resources will be challenging, and students would be fully involved in the work.

- Great for Tactile Learning:

Tactile learning is all about learning through the senses, especially the sense of touch. Since task cards are interactive in nature, students will obtain sufficient sensory experience. This wouldn't be possible with conventional pencil and paper works.

- Improves Higher Order Thinking:

Students can more around the class, or pass the cards with others during the session. Teachers can discuss with students about the objectives or topics given to them. Besides receiving direct feedback from teachers, it also facilitates higher order thinking in students. They can answer thought-provoking questions like what concept will be similar to the current task, how do you think the author made this narrative, and so on.

The following activities are recommended to make the most of your task cards:

- Early finishers

- Literacy stations

- Task card hunt

- Review game, and more.

There are plenty of possibilities with task cards that promote learning and creative thinking. Implement these teaching resources in Australia in your classroom, and have fun!

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