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How Does A Hydrocarbon Infra Red Point Gas Detector Work?

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Technology has come a long way, and many infra red point detectors are used in a wide variety of applications.
Technology has come a long way, and many infra red point detectors are used in a wide variety of applications. Many manufacturers provide simple, reliable, and rugged designs for ease of use and efficiency. For all the industries, the toxic and combustible gas monitoring detectors are considered the most user-friendly and less maintenance devices. In fact, there is an unlimited number of applications for which this method of detection can be used. Did you know gas flames produce infrared radiation? Yes! Gas flames produce harmful infrared radiation, which can negative impact on workers. This is when the Hydrocarbon Infra Red Point Gas Detector plays a significant role.

How can Simtronics GD10P detector help?

Gas detection systems have been widely used in the process industry to detect and mitigate potential, harmful gases present in the atmosphere and minimise their effects on workers. However, the detection mechanism changes according to the chemicals and gases. Most of the detectors come with alarm indicators that trigger alarms for the operator based on high readings from gas detectors.

Simtronics GD10P is a detector used to detect and monitor the combustible hydrocarbon gas or vapour in industrial environments, including chemical plants and refineries using infrared light. The detector has infrared light source, optical infrared receiver, and an optical filter that can select the proper wavelength. When the gas flows into the space between the source and receiver, the molecules in the gas absorb the infrared energy and the receiver detects the presence of hydrocarbon infrared red gas.

However, there are some hydrocarbons and other flammable gases that have poor or no response on a general purpose gas detector.

Simtronics GD10P continuously monitors combustible gases and vapours within the lower explosive limit and alerts through alarm indication. This type of detectors has other features, including operation in oxygen deficient, lack of routine calibration, and immunity to poisons. Point detectors are used indoors and at potential leak sites outdoors like pumps and tank farms.

The detectors tend to send a beam of infrared light that can detect gas anywhere along the path of the beam. It is widely used in petrochemical and petroleum industries to detect rapid gas leak for flammable gases at concentration when compared to the flammable limit.

There are many industrial infra-red point gas detectors in the market and it is of utmost importance to choose the right one that suits your industrial requirements. Point detectors are the most common type and widely used across all the industries. Consider the power requirement, distance from the other unit, mounting requirements, accuracy, gas calibration limitations, and the response time at different concentration when investing in hydrocarbon infra-red point gas detector.

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