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How Can Building Management Reduce The Energy Consumption Of A Building?

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Energy consumption is one of the main concerns of most commercial building owners today.
Energy consumption is one of the main concerns of most commercial building owners today. According to a study, about 30% of energy utilised in a commercial building is wasted. So, it is imperative to use cutting-edge power monitoring to bring down the energy consumption. Are you a building owner, who is paying huge energy bills? If yes, consider contacting building management experts to enhance the energy efficiency of your facility.

Here’s how building management executives help minimise costs by saving energy without affecting the productivity, safety and comfort of the inhabitants in the facility.

-Conduct Regular Energy Audits – The first thing any building management expert does is to carry out a regular energy audit. They will evaluate how much energy your building is using and find the ways to improve the energy efficiency of your building. These experts recognise the best energy levels that best fits the client’s needs.

-Integrating Renewable Energy Systems – The experts from the building management companies are well aware that audits alone do not help to conserve energy. There needs to be a proper plan, and integration of latest renewable energy systems to enhance the energy levels in the building. The wind turbine systems, the solar electric systems and geo thermal systems are a few of the renewable sources that are generally made use of. The building management experts also provide a periodic maintenance for the efficient performance of these systems.

-Effective Lighting Techniques – The experts from reputed building management services use the latest lighting technology to cut down the lighting energy costs to a greater extent. The use high efficiency replacements that enhances the quality of lighting, and satisfaction of the residents. Nowadays most experts take advantage of the natural sunlight aka Daylighting systems to brighten up the interior of the buildings.

-Zoned HVAC Systems – Making proper use of the zoned HVAC systems can bring down the energy usage by 25-50%, without interrupting the comfort and indoor air quality. Moreover, the building management experts try to bring in a balance in the air and water systems to make it energy efficient by way of using the latest equipment.

-Create Awareness Among the Occupants – Though the latest equipment is fully automated, they might still require human examination to ensure efficient performance. Expert building management companies will have various tips and techniques on energy savings, which must be imparted to the occupants of the building to improve the performance and minimise costs.

There are many new ways to monitor the energy consumption that will considerably help reduce the consumption of energy by identifying the energy-intensive areas of the buildings. So a proper plan should be carried out to recognise those areas and implement the strategies for cost efficiency!

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