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Clearpath Technology is the #1 provider offering uniquely outsourced services for the best form of project completion and rendering.
Clearpath Technology is the #1 provider offering uniquely outsourced services for the best form of project completion and rendering. There are additional advantages of saving on the costs and that too without taxation. In fact, if you are looking for hiring .net developers, look no further than us who offer the best of outsourced staff.

The aim at Clearpath is to provide various kinds of benefits to our clients with the focus on development outsourcing. We also take pride in announcing that we exercise better control over the virtual aspects of staffing than any of our competitors. The experts out here are professional in their approach, allowing you dedicated services for minimizing establishment costs and development related activities for maintaining your position in the competitive market. You can even hire junior or senior developers from our talented pool of experts. The project team is trained in having expertise in the .net arena you are looking for.

Ensuring Total Communication

The team of in house experts is reachable through instant messengers and Skype so that helps you to schedule meetings and arrangements on a regular basis, thereby monitoring progress. Status and updates are also provided via the following techniques:

• Daily log reports
• Status updates
• Reviews
• Feedback
• Project management system
• Coordination directed approach

Why Us?

As far as the services of Clearpath are concerned, we guarantee savings of up to 65% through our in house team of .net developers. They are experienced professionals who know exactly what you are looking for. Complete involvement and control are also exercised with high speed VOIP and live chat or conferencing. Our development and management team function in a healthy environment dedicating their complete potential in managing all kinds of projects. Clearpath Technology also ensures protection of intellectual property and our developers are hired when they have a transparent background and come with all the security checks.

With the latest security equipments, we ensure secure development and password protection, firewalls and password encryption. Our developers and programmers offer custom application and development services to cater to your business requirements. The customization of our applications ensures expert skills in the following fields: XML, Ajax, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP), Joomla, Drupal and ColdFusion. Our professional team of experts builds on web development and ecommerce, enriched application and social network development and Agile methodologies.

Maximized benefits are also guaranteed when you are with us. Our team of experts dedicate around 8 hours everyday to your project. There are no startup or maintenance costs and taxes involved. Flexible timings guarantee working in shifts. Our clients are also allowed the facility of source code rights ownership without being under any kind of obligation. With the help of a high bandwidth connection, our .net services are enabled for optimum understanding of specialized as well as experienced web development solutions for your online business. The superior and premium web development applications help us meet your daily needs based on your online and social presence in the market.

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