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Here is how to care for your newly replaced Windscreen!

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Are you looking to get your car windscreen replaced? So you know it is an investment.
Are you looking to get your car windscreen replaced? So you know it is an investment. Knowing how to care for a newly replaced windscreen is the first step towards maintaining your investment. For this reason, we have gathered and listed a few tips below from windscreen replacement professionals.

• Don't remove the retention tape

• Leave a car window open

• Wait to drive the car

• Keep the area inside and out clear

• Avoid power washers

• Go easy on the new windscreen

The first few hours after affordable windscreen replacement cost Sydney is more crucial. Protect your new windscreen by following the tips below.

Wait to drive the car:

Some adhesives are used during windscreen replacement in Sydney to hold the car glass in place and create a waterproof, strong seal. It is vital to give sufficient adhesive time to dry and set. To achieve the best results, we suggest you wait at least an hour following installation to drive the car. The professionals who install the car glass will remind you of the exact time to wait once the work is completed.

Keep the area inside and out of the vehicle clear:

When the adhesive is drying, be careful not to allow anything to push up against or adhere to it. For the first-day post windscreen installation, don't place any type of cover on your car's exterior surface. You should also keep the dashboard free of clutter.

Leave a window open:

Air pressure can put too much stress on the adhesive around the windscreen as it dries. To keep the pressure from causing leaks, it is advised to leave a window open at least an inch down. Follow this on the first day post car windscreen replacement Sydney.

Don't remove the retention tape:

The car glass professionals often use retention tape to hold the car glass molding in place. We agree it doesn't look great, but it is best to leave the tape in place for the first day or two after the new windscreen is fixed.

Avoid power washers:

Make sure the new glass doesn't shift position or get damaged before they set completely. Avoid automatic car washes, high-pressure washes, and the use of power washers. If you want to wash your car anyways, opt for a regular hand wash in the first two days following windscreen replacement.

Go easy on your new windscreen:

Try not to put any unwanted stress on the seal as it is setting around the new windscreen. Close the car doors gently, don't slam them, and avoid driving on roads in poor condition with bumps and potholes.

Maintaining your newly replaced windscreen doesn't take a ton of work. With a bit of extra care, you can extend the life of the windscreen and reduce the need for expensive repairs down the road.

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