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Here’s Why You Need to Opt for Handmade Oriental Rugs

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Is your living room looking dull? Probably you are planning for a remodel or looking for an option to transform the space.
Is your living room looking dull? Probably you are planning for a remodel or looking for an option to transform the space. You might be inspired by Pinterest boards and Instagram posts. But, could you afford a complete remodel? Will the designs that you are inspired by suit your lifestyle? Many can’t afford a complete remodel. That’s why many prefer to make small changes like choosing handmade carpets to adorn their living room, giving a dramatic look. In fact, handmade oriental rugs is one of the best ways to upgrade your floors, interiors, and give your living a new look.

You would have seen the handmade rugs in the windows of fine establishments and gracing the floors with beautiful patterns. Handmade oriental rugs have been around for centuries, giving a sophisticated and rich look to the place. Here are a few reasons why you need to prefer Handmade rugs online over machine-made rugs:-

Handmade Rugs Are Enchanting and Beautiful

A handmade rug has pattern changes, and it gives character and charm to the rug, increasing its value. Handmade rugs look beautiful because of their imperfections! In many rugs, they are intentionally added to beautify the rugs naturally. Hand-woven oriental rugs are characteristically imperfect as many factors are involved in making the rug. While some handmade rugs have an unusual border, others have an inconsistent pattern. That’s how weavers add imperfections to the rugs to make them adorable and stunning, even with flaws.

Handmade rugs Add value

Hand knotted rugs are a piece of art that will increase value in over time. Yes, every handmade carpets online have a story. Is it Turkish? Indian? Persian? Knowing the history of your rugs is indeed essential as your antique handmade rugs might be worth much more than you even thought. Where, how, and when the rug was woven is crucial. In fact, several artsy rugs offer a certificate of authenticity with every rug so that you could know the history of the rug and its value which is important in case if you are reselling the rugs.

Handmade Rugs Are Sustainable

Most handmade rugs are made with environmental-friendly materials that don’t harm the environment. When choosing a rug that is 100% sustainable, go with materials like wool, silk, bamboo, and vegetable dyes. These materials are used in rugs for centuries and have shown their longevity and biodegradability.

Handmade rugs are the best option. Choose the right one and adorn your house with antique rugs.

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