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Good reasons to drive home your own Nissan Leaf!

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When it comes to choosing your next new car, the electric Nissan Leaf makes perfect sense.
When it comes to choosing your next new car, the electric Nissan Leaf makes perfect sense. This best selling electric car is a highly anticipated design among the fans of eco-friendly vehicles. Boasting up to 239 miles of range, it is a great family car that can significantly cut your day-to-day running costs. This electric hatchback is particularly great for drivers residing in metropolitan areas. Though the Nissan Leaf is a green vehicle, it still manages to deliver outstanding performance. Advanced safety features in this vehicle add one more reason to own it. However, there are many great electric vehicles available in the market now. How does the new Nissan Leaf fare against the competition?

Eco friendly:

People who care about the environment will appreciate the Nissan Leaf. Unlike a hybrid, it does not consume any gasoline. That means you don't have to worry about the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Yes, all you should do is install Nissan Leaf chargers so that you get your vehicle charged overnight, and a full charge will enable you to travel up to 150 miles.

Delivers a punchy performance:

The new Nissan Leaf will deliver a lively performance on the road. Like many other electric vehicles available today, the Nissan Leaf produces a good amount of low-end torque. With a total of 236 lb-ft of torque on tap, you can look forward to experiencing instant power delivery.

Smooth driving dynamics:

The first-generation Leaf wasn't so interesting to drive. Fortunately, that is not the case with the new Nissan Leaf. A low centre of gravity enables the Leaf to offer competent handling. It never feels unstable on the road. Light steering makes the Leaf very easy to move around in town. Even new drivers will get inspired with the confidence they get to drive this car.

Cooler exterior:

We must admit it! In the past, electric vehicles had an unsightly appearance. However, Nissan has transformed this idea totally. Their cars are far more attractive. As the Leaf’s charging port is so neatly concealed, many onlookers won't even know that you are driving an electric vehicle. While the basic steel wheel comes standard, the 17-inch alloy wheel gives it a sporty look. Moreover, led lighting is found on the range-topping SL model.

Practical electric vehicle:

The Nissan Leaf is a good fit for modern families. The excellent legroom gives a very comfortable experience. Even elders will have no complaints about riding in the back. Well shaped seats and a smooth ride makes the Nissan Leaf a comfortable commuter car. You will also enjoy the flexible cargo area of the vehicle. As the battery is positioned low, the ground storage space is not compromised.

Owning an electric car no longer means that you are limited to basic features. The new Nissan Leaf is designed to offer a fantastic experience on the road. You can have your own Nissan charging unit at home and drive your EV all day.

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