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Four Most Popular Design Trends in Sydney Cafe Fitouts

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A cafe fitout can make or break the business. Drinking a simple cup of coffee can be transformed into a wonderful experience with an inviting design.
A cafe fitout can make or break the business. Drinking a simple cup of coffee can be transformed into a wonderful experience with an inviting design. However, finding an efficient configuration is difficult when you only have a few square meters to work with and a variety of machines and properties to distribute.

Design is an essential component of running a specialty coffee shop. Aside from coffee, what other reasons do people go to coffee shops? Ambiance and environment are important factors in attracting potential consumers through your cafe. Whether customers come in for a quick takeaway coffee or a sit-down lunch, it's not just about the coffee; it's about the entire coffee experience. The days of being the only cafe for miles are long gone; now, cafes abound, and competition is fierce. Some cafes even deliver coffee and lunch to offices, saving employees time waiting in line for their caffeine fix.

So, if there is something that can help you get a leg up on the competition, it is certainly worth looking into. That brings us to cafe fitout and refurbishments, as well as the hottest trends that could help you stand out from the crowd.

Lush Green

A lot of cafe fitouts Sydney companies are making are more green. Restaurants used to timidly place a potted plant here and there, hoping to entice greenery through the back door. However, society has changed, or rather, people's lifestyles have changed to recognise the value of plants and fresh air. As a result, you must incorporate as many floral elements as possible into your cafe fitout.

Tie pots from the ceiling and bundle them with retro light bulbs to make it appear as if the plants are suspended in midair in an incubator. Another quality expectation is to use plants to create kiosks that provide privacy.

Shared Dining

You may have noticed that some of the more fashionable cafes made by cafe fitouts Sydney firms are moving toward shared public tables. This, in turn, contributes to the overall coffee experience, giving us a sense of belonging,sharing, expressing, and community. You can keep a few narrower tables for people who don't want to be so communal, but people tend to flock to community shared tables and sit around having a conversation for hours – in turn for more coffee.

Themed Coffee Shops

According to most cafe owners, these were once thought to be oddities and a massive cafe fit out costs. However, most of the cafe fitouts Sydney owners vibe with the most common being a coffee shop styled around a bookstore or an internet cafe. More recent developments are combining retail therapy with the coffee experience.

Thus, the trends of having a theme made cafe fit out costs more affordable and within means of the owners.

Instagrammable Food Placement

With the emergence of the 'selfie,' taking pictures of food and uploading them to social media networks is becoming increasingly popular. More and more cafe owners and chefs are creating food with the expectation that photos of their creations will be posted online, providing them with free advertising. You can now opt for a special spot for the your planned cafe fitout where your customers can take pictures while advertising for your cafe. This type of addition to your cafe fit out costs less than the advertisement you’ll be garnering.

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