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Expert Florist Shares 4 Tricks to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

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One of the most popular ways to display your love or affection for someone is through flowers.
One of the most popular ways to display your love or affection for someone is through flowers. Whether you buy an artistic arrangement from a florist in Charlottesville VA or pick up a single daisy from the side of the road, it will be a pleasant surprise for the recipient. Flowers are bright, beautiful, and fragrant, but they only last so long before becoming a sweet memory. Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take to help your fresh cut flowers last longer so you can enjoy them for a few more days!

Cut the Stems First Before Placing Them in a Vase:

If your flowers are not already arranged in a vase or container, you’ll want to pick out which vase you want to use. Make sure it’s clean first. Fill it with fresh cold water, and mix the flower food in according to the package directions. Now take your bouquet and arrange the flowers in your hands, removing any foliage that will be below the water line. Once that’s done, you should cut about an inch off the stems. A fresh cut ensures that the flowers will easily take up the flower food solution and be nourished and preserved.

Remove the Unwanted Foliage:

The best florist in Charlottesville VA highly recommends removing any foliage that will be in the water from your flower stems before arranging them. Decaying foliage will cause bacterial growth. For the same reason, you should remove faded blooms as your bouquet ages. Some flowers will expire sooner than others. Downsize your arrangement as the days go by. The flowers that keep on going will still be beautiful.

Change the Water Often:

The most common mistake people make is not checking their vases often. When cut flowers are put in water, they drink it up. Cut flowers need lots of flower solution to stay fresh and pretty for more than a few days. The best way to keep your blooms beautiful is by topping up the vase with more solution. If you don’t have flower food, change the water completely every two days. Florists use flower food solution to ensure the flowers look great and will last, before sending them off to someone via flower delivery in Charlottesville VA. A reputable florist will always send a package of flower food along with their delivery.

Place the Arrangement in the Right Spot:

Avoid placing your vase on a surface that receives direct sunlight. Direct sunlight heats up water in vases, making flowers wilt faster. Placing your arrangement away from drafts and heat sources will help maintain freshness as well.

Fresh-cut flowers look best when they are just that—fresh. Make sure you are getting top quality flowers from the best flower shops in Charlottesville VA to ensure they last longer.

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