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Dreaming big can take you places

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Before you take the top spot you have to start at the bottom and make your way up to the top. The end of your journey is pleasant and wonderful, but the beginning is rather stressful.
When you’re being praised in school for your innovative solutions, creative approach and exceptional execution, in your imagination you see yourself as the boss of a prestigious company, person being interviewed for radio and TV, writing books on how you achieved success, and of course living fabulous life. Before you take the top spot, though, you have to start at the bottom and make your way up to the top.

The end of your journey is pleasant and wonderful, but the beginning is rather stressful. A job interview is one of those experiences everybody goes through and hardly anybody likes, but there is no way around it. You’ll have to sit through uncomfortable conversation, uneasy questions, fill out forms and solve some tasks. Since your future with the company will depend on your performance, you’ll have to speak and write clearly, be quick to judge the situation and make an overall good impression. Getting smoothly through the interview doesn’t always mean getting the job, but that doesn’t mean you were not a good candidate, just that someone else was a better fit with the particular company.

After you find a company that wants you and you’re offered a job, you’ll be one step closer to that corner office, but you’ll have to work hard to beat everybody else dreaming about it. Your attitude in the very beginning, when you’re still an unknown force in the company, will be very important. Just because you beat out hundreds of other candidates to get a position with a prestigious web design Miami firm or New York law office doesn’t make you the alpha and omega, so being humble and willing to do your share of the work is the key. As soon as you start being smug, you’ll lose your chances at being taken under somebody’s wings, because people like to work with somebody who is confident, but not full of themselves.

Moving from running errands and making copies for your coworkers to doing actual meaningful work is a sign that you’ve made it yet another step closer to your dream. When you’re treated like a true member of the team and given projects to prepare and present in front of clients, it’s time to put your best effort into it, writing smart briefs, drawing interesting designs, so that when you step in front of everybody with a power point or a pen tablet presentation, you know exactly what you’re saying. That will show your superiors the hard work, the intelligence and the confidence they’ll be able to count on in the future, and put you ahead in the race for promotion.

Steady and not necessarily fast rise within a company is how you get to the top. When you do more than is required of you yet play for the team, are not afraid to think outside the box and speak your mind being at the same time respectful of coworkers, you’ll be seen as the person to go to, the person standing out among peers, and through natural selection you’ll be taking all the steps necessary to one day finally sit in that corner office you saw yourself in when still in college.

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