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Display your content in a more exciting, interactive and impressive manner with digital display sign

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Jayex is a pioneer in digital displays technology. We provide custom designed digital display solutions incorporating the latest advances and innovations.
Digital displays are one of the most powerful forms of advertising today. Besides allowing you to show relevant information to your audience, it also permits better interaction that gives better result in all aspects. If you want to choose best digital display for your company, although it is not hard to manage and install the digital display, there are lots of tasks that you need to do. Therefore the smart way is to opt for a reliable digital signage company. Reliable companies offer the best solution within your allocated budget without compromising the advertising quality.

The companies offer various types of digital signage for different types of requirements like touch screen self check in kiosks, patient call display, queue management system and indoor and outdoor LED displays. A LED display board is an impressive way to make an impact and encourage more customers to come through the door.
Digital signs are used as rate board in banks, airports, libraries, office buildings, department stores and other public venues. It is also called dynamic signage, specialized with video and multimedia content that display in public places for information or advertising purposes. This system comprises a central processing unit or playback device connected with vivid digital display.

The Ratex range of currency exchange rate displays and pricing boards provide high quality display and are perfect for currency dealers, banks and hotels. This system is programmed with user friendly software, operated with infra red remote control or via RS 232 serial communication. It provides different kinds of displays like LCD, plasma and LED displays. LCD or liquid crystal display shows great pictures and colors as this system utilizes liquid crystals and fluorescent backlight. Both the plasma and LCD digital signage have slim features and best suited for delivering sharp images and clear pictures.

Moreover, it can be installed almost anywhere as it is light weight and thin. Now digital foreign exchange signage are also available that update the market rates 24x7 so you do not have to sit in front of PC to see the latest market rates. These boards are usually hung on the wall or from ceilings in foreign exchange centers, big arenas and airports. It has proven to be a better alternative to posters and billboards. Nowadays they even come in wireless version with varieties of sizes, shapes and colors. The public can see two or more message on the same screen with associated animation, changing colors, motion features and video clips that emphasize the message.

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