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Debunking Myths about Windscreen Replacement

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A car windscreen is not just a glass. Yes, it is one of the most integral components of a vehicle.
A car windscreen is not just a glass. Yes, it is one of the most integral components of a vehicle. Car glass plays an integral role in the structural integrity of your car. Out of all the aspects you deal with your car, windscreens replacement Sydney is one of the most significant ones as it equally affects your vehicle’s performance and looks. However, there are a lot of myths about windscreen repair, which are problematic and keep you away from making informed decisions for your vehicle’s maintenance.

Here in this article, we have debunked the most common myths about windscreen replacement:-

Small chips and cracks don’t call for replacement

If you notice small cracks or chips on your windscreen, get it fixed right away. Small cracks can turn into major cracks that require replacement. The depth of damage determines whether your windscreen has to be replaced or not. However, in most of the cases, chips and cracks turn to replacement. Putting tapes or improper repairs can make the damage grow over time which can end up costing you more and also leads to accidents.

Windscreen replacement is not covered by insurance

Just like any other car repair, the windscreen replacement cost Sydney is covered by the insurance. However, the claim depends on the reason for the damage, and the actual cover differs based on the insurance policy you have. It can vary from one case to another. The car glass experts can help you navigate through insurance claims easily.

Can drive with a damaged windshield

In Australia, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with a cracked windshield. Under the state law, you must have a clear vision with no obstruction on your car windscreen Sydney. If the chip or crack on your windscreen is a hazard and obstructs your vision, you’ll be fined heftily. The more you delay it, the more risk you expose yourself to in the long run. Therefore, it is extremely important to replace your damaged car glass as soon as possible. Some companies offer mobile car glass service. You don’t have to take your car to the garage. The professional will come to your place and get the windscreen replaced or repaired.

Windscreen replacement is very expensive

Of course, windscreen replacement is not cheap. But that doesn’t mean that they are very expensive. Choose a service that strikes a balance between quality and affordability so that you can get the car glass replacement service at nominal prices.

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