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Common Problems with Hardwood Problems and Solutions

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When looking for flooring options, wood always tops the list due to its colors, varieties, durability, beauty, and grains.
When looking for flooring options, wood always tops the list due to its colors, varieties, durability, beauty, and grains. With hardwood floors, it’s possible to achieve a spectacular look that harmonize with any décor element or the architectural style of a home. In fact, hardwood floors can bring a natural element and add a touch of elegance to any room.

If you’ve installed hardwood floors, you probably have taken extra care to avoid scratches, dents, and fading. However, as the wood ages, it can wear out over time and become prone to damages, requiring repairs or hardwood floor refinishing Olathe KS. Educating yourself about the common problems that affect the hardwood floor's durability and performance can help you prevent and extend the lifespan of the wood flooring.


Gapping occurs when there's moisture loss in wood floors, causing the wood to shrink and creating space between two floorboards. Besides, one of the major causes of gapping is the floors are installed during high moisture/humidity conditions. The board tend to absorb moisture during this period, there’s a high chance of possible shrinkage, especially when climatic conditions change in the dry season. Of course, a certain amount of gapping is expected with wood floors as they experience some degree of seasonal movement.

Making sure the hardwood floor installation Olathe KS occurs at the right season based on the type of wood you’ve chosen and weather condition you’re living in, maintaining stable conditions using heaters after the installation are some of the things you can do to avoid gapping.


Hardwood floors that are exposed to strong UV lights tend to get darker due to the oxidation process. This usually occurs in the first year of installation. It’s not a visible crack, but you can notice it when you move the furniture and find a lighter shade underneath. Avoid direct sunlight inside your house, move your furniture frequently, and allow ample time for a newly exposed area to blend with adjoining planks to avoid oxidation.

Noisy Boards

This is a common problem that can arise even after several weeks of installation. Faulty installation or inadequate subfloors are the major reasons for noisy or loose boards. Call a professional for proper hardwood flooring Olathe KS installation than doing it by yourself.


If the boards absorb more humidity from the air, they start to swell and push against each other, causing the centers of the board to bulge or crown. Avoid extreme temperature when installing the floor and select the right wood based on the environment in which you’re living.

The cost of fixing hardwood problems shouldn’t keep you from installing this beautiful and durable product. Most of the problems can be prevented. An efficient installing and routine maintenance is all it takes to last for a long time.

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