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Common Causes of a Burst Pipe

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There’s nothing worse than water damage. Unlike water from heavy rains or water floods, a burst pipe can be worse.
There’s nothing worse than water damage. Unlike water from heavy rains or water floods, a burst pipe can be worse. Burst water pipes are an unpleasant experience, causing water to leak into your house and yard, and you might also notice low water pressure.

However, burst and leaking pipes often go unnoticed until it’s too late. Before you even realize it, your house would be suffering from significant water damages, requiring costly repairs and replacements. When it comes to major plumbing problems, you must be well-informed about the cause so you can work towards a solution and prevent it from happening with a plumber Pickering. Here are some common causes of a burst pipe:

Old and Weak Pipes

If your home is too old or has experienced a plumbing emergency, you would have an idea of the load that your pipes are subjected to regularly. If unprotected or weakened over time, the pipes and their connections could be compromised. Old and weak pipes can erode easily, causing the pipe to get thinner until it bursts at the weakest area due to high water pressure. Compared to other types, pipe corrosion is common in copper-based water supply pipes.

High Water Pressure

This is one of the most common reasons for burst pipes. Of course, water pipes are designed to withstand a certain level of pressure. But, excessive water pressure can cause more stress and tension on the plumbing system. This, in turn, leads to leaks and burst pipes. Sometimes, the water pressure limits can are exceeded, especially when a large volume of water is pumped through a pipe. That’s why it’s important to check the water pressure in your home and watch out for signs like banging sounds from the pipes, as this indicates high water pressure. If you notice burst pipes, call a 24 hour plumber Pickering right away.


Clogged and blocked pipes can cause a range of plumbing problems. Massive clogs hinder the flow of water and lead to the accumulation of excessive pressure inside the pipes. Pressure build-up from dirt, debris, and random objects can cause cracks and burst pipes.

Improper Pipe Connections

Pipe connections are the most vulnerable parts of the entire plumbing system. Improper pipe connectivity can expose water pipes to excessive pressure and they may burst immediately, possibly even when there’s a slight pressure build-up. It’s of utmost importance that these connections are reinforced properly to prevent such problems.

Pipe bursts occur due to various reasons. When it occurs, please call a plumber immediately to avoid further damage. Whether it’s a burst pipe or drain repair Pickering, we’ve got you covered. Please call our team for further details.

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