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Common Causes of Jewelry Damage

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When an item of jewelry gets damaged, it can be very frustrating and disappointing, especially if it’s been in the family for years or was expensive.
When an item of jewelry gets damaged, it can be very frustrating and disappointing, especially if it’s been in the family for years or was expensive. While some types of damage are inevitable over time and with wear, there are plenty of ways to keep your jewelry in tip-top shape and prevent the most common causes of jewelry damage from occurring in the first place. Here are six common causes of jewelry damage, as suggested by local Albuquerque jewelers:-

Rubbing or Dropping With Pressure

Natural gems, such as diamonds and rubies, are susceptible to scuffing and cracking when they are rubbed or dropped with pressure. Avoid dropping or bumping jewelry with these gemstones in them because it can cause serious damage. Keep gems set in pendants away from rough surfaces that could scratch them, and avoid dropping earrings or necklaces down sink drains. When a valuable piece of jewelry is accidentally damaged, check with a professional jeweler about jewelry repair Albuquerque to prevent further damage that may be irreversible.

Exposure to Chemicals

Over time, jewelry can become damaged from exposure to chemicals. If you wear your wedding ring every day and go through a lot of household cleaners, for example, it may start to get a blackish tint. This is actually tarnishing—the discoloration happens when chemicals or moisture react with metal in your jewelry.

Showering With Your Jewelry On

Water can damage jewelry in many ways. It can discolor a ring by causing it to lose its luster; it can leave behind hard-to-remove residue on bracelets and necklaces, which will mar their surface; and as almost every jeweler has witnessed at least once in his or her career—it can cause diamonds to pop out of prongs or settings (due to sudden temperature changes or pressure) and land on your shower floor with a sickening plink.

Heat from Hair Dryers

It’s not unusual for people to place a small amount of jewelry, such as earrings or rings, on top of their hair dryer when getting ready in the morning. However, placing anything next to a hair dryer can result in high heat damage and discoloration. Heat causes metal to expand and contract very quickly.

As you see jewelry can be damaged in different ways without your knowledge. To avoid the damages, make sure you store the jewelry in separate boxes and clean them with utmost care. Be it jewelry or watch repair Albuquerque nm, please don’t try to fix on your own as you risk damaging the piece permanently. Take it to the nearby jewelry shop and get it fixed.

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