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Catering Tips for Your Next Corporate Event

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Corporate events are a great way to create connections outside the office environment and nurture working relationships.
Corporate events are a great way to create connections outside the office environment and nurture working relationships. Generally, most corporate events feature catering North Sydney, and the professionals you hire can have a huge impact on the success of your event. Great food can make the guests remember your event for years and help get outsiders interested in working with your business. Are you in the midst of planning your company’s event? Looking to pull off an event with beverages and food your co-workers will love? We have got some catering Western Sydney tips for you.

Count Heads

You likely want your event to have tons of guests, while that is great for your business it can be a problem for some catering services. Some caterers specialises in intimate and smaller events while others do it better for larger ones. That is why you should have an estimated headcount ready to give the event planner or caterer, which will help them to get started on menu options. Saying so doesn't mean you should know exactly how many people will be at your event, but you should have a general idea about the number of guests you can expect. You should overestimate the headcount to accommodate last-minute participants.

Finalise Your Budget

Before you start planning any corporate event, determine the budget. Be sure you know how much your company can spend on the catering service, event venue, decorations and other details before picking your caterer. Clarify and highlight what should be included in the budget and review it closely with the management before you present your budget to the caterers. Don’t forget to account for flowers, linens, and other decorations for the table and more.

Meeting Themes

So what is the theme or focus of your corporate event? If you are looking to surprise your employees for a job well done, a buffet will go over nicely. If your corporate event is aimed at thanking the team for being the highest earners, buffet will not go well. Focus on what you hope to convey and this will help you plan your menu.

Stick To a Schedule

Is your corporate event going to have multiple presentations and speakers? Plan the food service around the days’ schedule and work with the caterer to be in time for cooking and food service.

Wait Staff Service or Buffet?

Depending on how busy your event schedule is, you will have to decide if full-service waiting staff or a self-service buffet is needed. If the focus should be on the corporate speaker and you want to save time, a full-service wait staff can keep attendees in their chair. If you are seeking a way to break up the day schedule a buffet lunch will give your attendees some time to mingle.

Dietary Restrictions

It is imperative to have enough variety of menus to satisfy everyone present at the event. As many people are now vegans and on gluten free diet you should inform your caterers that you are seeking a few gluten free and vegan options. If the catering Seven Hills service you hire should know about the dietary restrictions in advance so they can plan accordingly and accommodate everyone.

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