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Car Leasing in the U.K

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Car leasing is a good option when contemplating having a car for personal or business use.

Car leasing is a good option when contemplating having a car for personal or business use. You have the opportunity of hiring a car for short tem or long term leases. Short term leases last from 3 to 24 months while long term leases can be from above 36 months and vary in length from one leasing company to another.

Lease contracts offer you incentives such as free delivery and collection, road fund license, fixed monthly rates, low upfront payment and in some cases, where the leasing company negotiates with the manufacturer, a manufacturer’s warranty.

Car leasing UK is one of the leading leasing companies in the United Kingdom. They have a wide range of vehicles available to both individual and business clients. Being professionals, they offer a wide range of lease options.

Personal lease options
• Personal Contract Hire – strictly a leasing option that does not have the option to purchase.
• Personal Contract Purchase – a leasing option that gives the client, the option of purchasing the car, at the end of the lease period.
• Personal lease purchase – a leasing option targeted at those aiming to purchase prestige vehicles.
Business lease options
• Finance lease – an option available to VAT registered businesses, who want to shoulder the risk of ownership and include the lease costs in their balance sheet for the purpose of recovering a proportion of the VAT.
• Contract Purchase – an option available to businesses not registered for VAT but who would like to have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease period.
• Lease purchase – an option similar to Finance lease, but risk of ownership belongs to the hirer.

Maintenance deals are available, and are negotiated between the hirer and the hiring company, for the duration of the lease agreement. The preferred deal is let the car leasing companies handle maintenance of the vehicle for an additional fee. The lease company can negotiate maintenance deals from the manufacturer or from bonafide manufacturer appointed auto service companies ensuring that the car is at pristine condition when the lease period ends. Should the hirer opt to purchase the vehicle, then he gets a very good deal. Should he opt to hand the vehicle in, the leasing company gets a vehicle in good condition.

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