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Calling for all squirrel hunters

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There are many techniques used in squirrel hunting with one of the most popular being that of squirrel calling. Either manufactured or homemade, these devices mimic the sounds of the little creatures and trick them into revealing their whereabouts.
Hunting for squirrels is a terrific activity for anybody with a keen interest in these types of outdoor pursuits. These little critters are so rapid, hurtling across the treetops, that to an outsider it would probably seem almost impossible to get a clear shot at one. However, just like most things in life, there are clever techniques that have been developed which can shift the advantage back towards the hunter. Learning to hunt a squirrel is a great grounding, should you eventually wish to move on to larger prey. In addition, the living patterns of the animals are a great assistance, as despite being part of the rodent clan, they are not nocturnal, meaning that the hunting hours are more sociably acceptable.

Many people set traps of one description or another, to considerable degrees of success, but part of the enjoyment of squirrel hunting is the actual stalking, coaxing and eventual shooting of, or at, the little creature. One of the most popular aids in the resources available to a hunter is the squirrel call, which is an ingenious method of imitating the animal through a device, which can either be purchased from specialist manufacturers or created using a little bit of DIY.

For a novice hunter acquiring a call with some instructional literature accompanying it might be the best course of action. This will give a clear indication of how to call a squirrel using this tool. Once familiar with the practice, there is nothing stopping you than creating your own instrument. The squirrel makes many different sounds such as barks, chirps, chatters, squeaks, screeches and wheezes, each with their own specific meaning. It is therefore imperative that the correct noise is used at the right time, for although the squirrel is not the most intelligent creature in the woods, they are certainly not the dumbest either, and consequently, are always alive to danger.

The most used of all the squirrel calls is the whistle, which was developed by using a couple of cola bottle caps, measuring the frequency of the creature's distress squeal and incorporating it into the sound of that, which the caps could make. With a little bit of adaptation and the use of different types of aluminum the squirrel call was born. A less common squirrel call is the cutter call, which consists of a plastic screw and one of those plastic paddle gadgets, similar to a tongue depressor. With a little pressure applied to the screw, the paddle works its way along the threads of the screw, and in so doing, creates a sound that sharply resembles that of a squirrel eating a nut. Any squirrels in the vicinity will be fooled into believing an area is safe and will drop their guard for a few seconds, enough to get a shot.

There are skeptics, but statistics don't lie, and there is hard evidence that these calls do genuinely work. Plus the fact that some of the most experienced hunters around the world would not leave home without one in their hunting pack, is ample proof of their success.

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