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Back to School Must Haves: Class Rewards and Duties in the Classroom

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Resources for Teaching website has class reward mazes and tickets that are simple and easy to incorporate into any classroom.
If you’re heading back to school for the start of a new school year or term, the Resources for Teaching website have a wide variety of teaching resources to save you valuable time preparing lessons, activities and developing classroom management systems that actually work!

Here are some of our back to school must haves that your students will love using in the classroom:

1) Whole Class Reward Mazes and Tickets:

It can be tricky getting children to work as a team and demonstrate good behaviour as a class. This is especially true for casual teachers who are working with a class of new students as there is always one or two children that try to test the boundaries when an unfamiliar face is teaching them.

Whole class behaviour management systems that can be quickly implemented and encourage students to work together to their best ability is a lifesaver! The Resources for Teaching website has class reward mazes and tickets that are simple and easy to incorporate into any classroom. Includes a variety of mazes for students to work cooperatively to earn whole class rewards! Students begin at the start and colour in a box every time they show good behaviour. When students reach the star they earn the reward in the coloured star or in version 2 they pull a reward ticket. The reward tickets are great because teachers can filter through and use the ones they like! Best of all, most of the rewards are completely free and intrinsic which is proven to be most effective because it’s internally rewarding.

2) Watercolour Class Jobs:

This bright resource is fantastic for back-to-school organisation! Ready for you to select, print and use in your classroom. Your students will love sharing responsibilities with others and learning valuable skills for their future. Class jobs will save you a lot of time doing tasks that kids are happy to help with! Great for laminating and reusing as a lifelong teaching tool. This beautiful watercolour style will look great in any learning space.

Jobs include: Paper Passers, Paper Collectors, Pl

ant Waterer, Attendance Taker, Floor Monitor, Door Holder, Line Leader, Line Ender, Desk Inspector, Windows and Blinds, Technology Monitor, Board Eraser, Calendar Helper, Lunch Orders, Book Passers, Book Collectors, Lights Monitor, Fan Monitor, Sink Monitor, Weather Helper, Fruit Monitor, Book Area Supervisor, Token Helper, Homework Helper, Sports Monitors, Recycling Monitors, Star Helper, Chair Monitor, Teacher Helper, Messengers, Noise Monitors, Art Helpers.

3) Ice Breakers Slides:

The perfect back to school activity for classmates to get to know each other. Includes 30 engaging multiple-choice questions to spark new ideas and creativity. Students will find similarities and differences with their peers and share interesting conversations using these icebreakers! This activity helps to break the ice and form student relationships in a fun and meaningful way.

If you’re searching for high quality websites for teachers to improve your students skills and to save you valuable preparation time, be sure to visit the Resources for Teaching online store ( Each teacher resource is created thoughtfully to ensure kids enjoy learning with our range of materials. They are easy for both parents and teachers to download instantly and access from any electronic device.

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