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Avoid loopholes of social network privacy

Posted On : Dec-15-2011 | seen (1230) times | Article Word Count : 471 |

Privacy protection in social communities has made many avoid the sociable online world. There are thieves in the virtual world that aim to steal all personal information, and there is a need is to act smart.
Today, in the era of the internet and social networking, the news, information or updates comes with short shelf life and disseminates like wildfire. There are millions of users hooked to social communities such as Facebook, Linked in and Twitter to connect to other users and their reasons for using social networks could be personal or professional. Not every user on social sites have good intentions, some might be present to conduct their illegal acts. Like all Internet technologies, social network privacy is of great concern. Each social networking service has its own privacy policy and it is vital to carefully understand it before proceeding for membership and adding a new profile.

The existence of strong policies has not made the intentions of thieves weak and people are still getting trapped in identity thefts. Privacy on social networks has been the most talked issues of recent times. These mentioned aspects can be followed to remain safe and alerted.

• You should always have strong and different passwords, which are hard to crack, for all your accounts. Experts recommend that passwords should contain letters, numbers and alphabets, and it should be a minimum of 8 characters. A good password can save you from being a victim.

• You might be tempted by the applications and charm of social network but the concern of privacy protection should be desired by every online user. Prohibit the sharing of phone numbers, pin codes, residential addresses or credit card details on social networking sites. Identity thieves are in search of accounts containing personal information, so that they can reach their goal. Little carelessness on the World Wide Web can prove bad and annoying.

• Privacy on social networks is a very sensitive issue, as many have had bad experiences due to fraudsters. Even just by accepting friend requests, you may be lead to the exposure of your account and it will increase the probability of threats. Do not share any personal information with strangers or better yet, reject unknown requests.

• People love to make minute to minute updates through their status and many reveal about weekend plans and touring. Your exposure about your plan is invitation to burglars and stalkers. Indeed, thieves might turn their mischievous pivot towards your home and choose to wash away cash and home contents. Users spoil their Facebook privacy by setting their status explaining about their trips.

It is wise to take precautions beforehand and not just waiting for any attack to happen. You can safeguard yourself by opting services of websites lending users complete social network privacy with their online management tools. These tools are designed to continuously search the web. Be sure to get protected and take care of your identity online.

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To protect yourself from identity theft, its better to get instant privacy alerts whenever your privacy on the internet is at risk. Enjoy real time online privacy protection and identity theft protection keeping your personal information and financial privacy safe on internet.

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