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An Interesting Introduction of Teflon Film

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Teflon film is molded and sintered by teflon resin, and it is cooled into the roughcast, and then through turning and rolling, Ptfe film can be made.
Teflon film is molded and sintered by teflon resin, and it is cooled into the roughcast, and then through turning and rolling, Ptfe film can be made. The turning film can be classified into the non-directional film as well as the directional film, which is made out by rolling of the non-directional film. After non-directional film is rolled 1.1 to 1.8 times, it can be called as the semi-directional film. And teflon film is used as the liner seals and lubrication materials. In addition, it can be the electrical insulation component which is used in various kinds of frequencies, for instance, the dielectric in the capacitor, wire insulation, the insulation in the electrical instrumentation and so forth. What's more, teflon film has high crystallinity, molecular orientation is tightly arranged and the voidage is small, hence the performance of teflon film has significantly improved. Teflon film can be divided into teflon colored film, teflon activated film and F46 film.

Even though Teflon colored film is added certain amount of coloring agents, it still owns good electrical insulation, so it is very suitable to be used as the insulation and classified recognition in wires, cables as well as electrical components. And teflon activated film is the kind of film which is undergone the surface activation process of ptfe film, filled film and colored film. Therefore, it is widely applied in the fields like the light industry, military field, aerospace filed and oil field. F46 film has advantages like superior anti-voltage strength as well as the voltage breaking feature.

The main features of Teflon film are as follows:

First, teflon film has the temperature resistant feature, so it can be continuously used from low temperature to high temperature, namely, within the range of -60 ℃ to 260 ℃.
Second, teflon film has weather resistant feature, that is the reason why it has heating aging-proof feature as well as weather aging-proof feature.
Third, teflon film has medicament-proof feature and its chemical resistance is really excellent, therefore, Teflon film will not be affected by most chemicals and solvents.
Fourth, it has non-adhesive feature, so people can easily remove almost all the adhesive materials, like resin, paint and so forth from teflon film.
Fifth, teflon film has electrical feature. So thanks to its superior insulation feature, its dielectric constant value is 2.6 while its dielectric loss tangent is only 0.0025.
Sixth, due to its mechanical features, the toughness of teflon film is very good, while its friction coefficient is low.

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