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A Guide to Managing Commercial Waste

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Business waste has to be legally discarded in a certain way. You cannot just take commercial waste home and dump it in your domestic bins.
When was the last time you tracked what your company is throwing away daily? Probably you don’t remember. Do you know industrial and commercial waste is the major contributor to the generated global waste annually? Yet, commercial waste is often overlooked by businesses of all sizes. In fact, many organizations simply establish a system for junk removal St. Paul and never care about it. Over time, solid waste pollution can have a negative impact on your business, including the local community.

Business waste has to be legally discarded in a certain way. You cannot just take commercial waste home and dump it in your domestic bins. Correct disposal of commercial waste will go a long way in reducing the current waste crisis plaguing many parts of the world.

Here’s your guide from our junk removal St. Paul MN professionals to manage commercial waste efficiently while adhering to government guidelines:


Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce and manage commercial waste efficiently. Recycle your commercial waste as much as possible. Recycling the waste is cost-effective for your business than sending it to a landfill. It is a good idea to have separate binds inside your business premise on each floor labeled with plastics, paper, and cardboard. Doing so will help separate the waste before it is hauled away.

Speak to your junk removal professionals regarding recycling, and they will guide you on more ways to separate the waste. Some even offer mixed recycling bins or individual bins for both indoors and outdoors based on your needs.

About eight million pounds of food waste ends up in landfills annually. Therefore, it is crucial to work on reducing food waste. Apart from recycling, reusing or donating some of your waste is a great way to help the environment and avoid landfill.

Store Commercial Waste Securely

It is a legal requirement to store commercial waste properly. Use suitable containers to store any commercial waste and suitable covers to protect the waste from rain and wind. Make sure the container is labeled clearly with the type of waste they contain.

Hire a Registered Junk Removal Company

It is a good idea to hire junk removal service St. Paul to haul away the commercial waste as they will discard the waste properly while adhering to the government guidelines. However, ensure that the waste carrier you choose is legally registered to dispose of waste.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner instead of just dumping the waste somewhere outer the city. Be a responsible company.

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