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6 Foolproof Techniques to Develop Your Child’s Mental Skills

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Not everyone is born equal. While some have the natural flair to resolve problems, others would be better at socialising with people.
Not everyone is born equal. While some have the natural flair to resolve problems, others would be better at socialising with people. This has to do with genetics, as well as the brain trying to adapt to the situations from a young age. However, it’s also possible for parents like you to develop the mental skills of your children if you put in the time and effort. Apart from enrolling your child in a good Dural kindergarten, here are six useful ways with which you can boost your child's learning and cognitive abilities:

Reading Sessions:

Have reading sessions frequently wherein you are not reading to your child, but you read with them instead. Motivating your child to develop the habit of reading will help them nurture this important skill over time. Reading bedtime stories together will evoke their creativity and imagination. This will be a good exercise for the brain as well.

Good Sleep:

Sleep does contribute towards boosting your brain's functionality. Research suggests that sleeping improves cognitive learning skills. When your brain is not taking any new information, it works towards retaining everything else it has received in that day. 10 to 12 hours of sleep will facilitate the process of developing useful life skills in children.

Spend Time Playing with Your Children:

Scheduling play time is a great thing to do for your child. Good Dural kindergarten does this too. Set aside some time and plan an indoor or outdoor activity with your children. Perhaps, you can play their favourite game with them, or go to the beach or park for picnics. When they spend time outdoors, they'll tend to learn more about what’s surrounding them. Motivate your child to play with other kids too, since it helps develop their social and emotional skills.

Improving Focus or Concentration:

There are certain activities organised by a Dural early childhood centre, which enhances your child’s focus or concentration level. Educational toys are really useful for this. Help your child focus and work through the puzzle or problem, and you will see them showing interest in playing and learning more. Additionally, this improves their problem-solving skills and boosts their IQ.


Yes, it is possible to teach meditation techniques to your child. Practising meditation through deep breathing will benefit your child's memory and let them control their emotions.


Physical activity is also necessary to improve your child's learning capacity. Studies also reveal that exercise aids in learning new words up to 20% faster. As the blood flow increases through physical activity, learning and memorising becomes easier for children.

Apart from everything suggested above, teaching self-discipline also counts towards creating a bright future for your child. Letting your child know what their priorities are, and how they could fulfill their goals will help them go a long way. Contact a leading Dural childrens centre for assistance.

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