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4 Fascinating Car Glass Facts You Should Know

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When you research about a new car that just came out in the market, your first instinct will be to look into its features and specifications.
When you research about a new car that just came out in the market, your first instinct will be to look into its features and specifications. This includes the power of its engine, fuel efficiency, comfort, infotainment system, tires and such. But not many of us will pay enough attention to the car glass on the vehicle. Car manufacturers typically won’t provide enough information about windscreen or auto glass. Here are 4 fascinating facts about car glass revealed by the experts of car glass repair in Sydney explained:

Car Glass is Tempered:

Just in case you didn't know, tempering is a technique where the glass is exposed to high levels of heat and then rapidly cooled immediately after. This is meant to make the glass stronger to an extent that it doesn't break into fragments. However, the car glass on the front, rear, and sunroof facilitate quick escape in the event of an accident. Rescue personnel are equipped with a glass punch to shatter the tempered glass.

Premium Cars have High Tech Windscreens:

Cars from popular brands such as Mercedes Benz have windscreens equipped with advanced features, such as night vision camera, to help drivers prevent accidents late in the evening. According to the experts of car glass repair in Sydney, Night vision sensors on windscreen detect the presence of wildlife, lane markings, or pedestrians on the road. This interactive display device enhances both convenience and safety for drivers by many folds.

Car Glasses are Laminated:

Another fact that you will find interesting is that car glasses are laminated. Certain people are under the impression that windscreens can simply be punched and shattered. However, that is not the case. What windscreen lamination actually means is that a layer of strong PVB plastic is sandwiched between two layers of glass. This makes the glass stronger and highly resistant to breakage when shattered. Windscreens are just as important as other safety features such as airbags and seat belts. So if you find damage, opt for windscreen repair in Sydney without delay.

Advanced Ultraviolet Filtering:

Modern vehicles have auto glasses that feature a UV filter. Obviously, this filter protects the driver and passengers from the high exposure to UV light from the sun. It also prevents damage to the interiors of your vehicle caused by the prolonged exposure to UV rays. If it weren't for windscreen, the dashboard and leather seats will be damaged, while the upholstery will fade and appear dull.

From the facts described above, it's pretty obvious how auto glass plays a huge role in enhancing your safety and driving experience overall. If you notice that any crack or damage on the windscreen, don't hesitate to contact a professional to get it fixed or replaced at a reasonable car windscreen replacement cost soon.

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